Monday, July 22, 2013

Drzewiecki JFK! Sweet!

FS9/FSX/P3D. Now this is where I am most interested in terms of Drzewiecki's JFK project: Firstly, it will be made for FS9 so I can really enjoy with full AI traffic at high frames. Second, it will also be updated to today's standards: something FSDT refused to do for FS9 customers. Third, it's expected to come with the easy frames Drzewiecki is famous for. Now with that said, this is by far the largest airport the team has ever taken on and it comes without the photoreal texturing the team is well known for. So it's texture baking all the way! I'm really excited to see the end result!
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Wilton said...

Is the release still planned for August / September or Fall 2013? I can't believe how fast DD has pulled this together.

Mark Batarina said...

I can't wait to get this! I'm glad that they're still developing for fs9. More reliable that fsx for sure!

Chris said...

Any information if they are selling single NY airports or a package? Very interested in KEWR but I have FSDT JFK.

Biggie Smalls said...

Likewise, I am very interested in thier KEWR scenery as this airport has been terribly neglected. I just browsed through the forum and could not find any renders of it. However there was a comment about how DD may sell some of the larger airports on an individual basis.

Anonymizer said...

I took me less than 3 mins to find this info through the above link:

The New York City X project is almost completed. We have finished creating night/winter textures and many other details. There are still a few things left (like autogen), but we expect the whole thing to be completely done in a couple of days. After that some more tests will be required, but not much, as everything was being tested during creation. We are looking forward to the release next week.

As the first product, we will release New York City X, for FSX and P3D. Later we will release New York Airports X (FSX & P3D) and New York City & Airports (for FS2004). The FS2004 version will include both the city and airports, since the overall quality of the product will be limited by FS9's core limitations, unfortunately. So the plan is to release:

New York City X (FSX/P3D) - VII 2013
New York Airports X (FSX/P3D) - VIII/IX 2013*
New York City & Airports (FS2004) - VIII/IX 2013*

This will depend on the airports development speed.

Anyway, I hope FSX/P3D users will enjoy the first part of the project to be released - New York City X. We did our best to make it as good as we could in all means, also performance.

Wilton said...

DD - How long have you been working on this project? How are you able to produce scenery add-ons faster than your competitors?

YEAH! said...

This with FTX Global.

Wilton said...

"This with FTX Global" equals OOM

Chris said...

Expected release is on Wednesday !

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