Friday, July 5, 2013

Bangkok for FS9 released!

FS9. And here is the latest mega airport to make it's way into the legendary FS9 platform. Go ahead and whip out the the hardest frame rate busting aircraft in your arsenal sit back and enjoy! Now available at Simmarket!

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Dave Boeing said...

My copy of FS 2004 is in the mail. I look forward to the legendary FS9 platform. I will add this for sure. Got it in FSX and it a frame killer there. Cheers.

DAndre Newman said...

Enjoy Dave! FS9 is still very much awesome for the heavy aircraft and sceneries!

ArtAir said...

Great! Just bougt it. The scenery is much much better then ARMI's VTBS.

Dave Boeing said...

Thanks DAndre.

Dave Boeing said...

Hey ArtAir, what heavies if any have you used here and are the Frames that good? Cheers.

Todd said...

Good to see FS9 get some more love.

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