Friday, July 12, 2013

ADX SecondLook: Sibwings AN2!

P3D. I have been so caught up in my Twotter the past few days, I totally forgot about my new AN2 from SibWings. This was one of those prop aircraft high on my must buy list! On the initial install, it did not work out for me and I gave up on it until a couple of our friendly and helpful readers advised me to use the FS Estonia tool and wallah! Works perfectly! So hop aboard the AN2 for a short hop from 1S2 to 3W5!

I had been really enjoying my FS9 freeware AN2 for a very long time and it's payware quality really kept me busy. But now I have a far superior variant to enjoy in P3D. Now given that this is the crown jewel of Mother Russia, I was skeptical of finding an appropriate livery to use in the States. Low and behold, I found not 1 but 2 all American liveries! The reason for this being  the default terrain around my LHSim sceneries in P3D sucks... and I really wanted FTX terrain to fly over! Soon FTX  global will but an end to that!
Great modeling and flight dynamics by SibWings. These guys only release an aircraft every blue moon but the quality really reflects that time gap between products! So today we will fly through the Sauk Valley on a very short flight. I like to use this visual flight plan when my simming time is limited. Like today for example. Sadly, the weather today is very erratic so as long as we keep below the clouds but above the terrain, we will be okay!

Panel turns white when the light is activated...

Okay is it just me? Or does our captain look just a bit like Sylvester Stallone? I remember at the end of the film: The Expendables 2, he gets his own AN-2 and fly's off in it at the end of the film. Hmmm....

She is without a doubt a low and slow bird. You can really feel the slow responsiveness in hard turns. But she gets off the ground quickly and needs very little to land on.  Be sure to read the manual before you try to take her out! Otherwise, have fun! There are a good and plenty number of repaints available too. Great job to SibWings! We will see you in a few years for your next release!

Get yours now here:

Happy flighting!
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Graeme said...

Thanks for the overview DAndre. Boy it looks grand in those shots. I've just been off and grabbed the manual from their site to have a look over, and it looks like they've gone to a bit of an effort there.
This may be a perfect big sister to the Do-27 that's been in my hanger for a while. I don't know about you, but I have a real soft spot for this older aircraft and their straight forward cockpits, this looks like it might make a nice midway between my Do-27 and the old Catalina in this area.
Thanks for the look in on this one, I think you've made it earn a place on my to get list now. I just need to now allocate some time to make sure I fly all these birds which are being released of late. It's like Christmas all of a sudden.

Mach2.02 said...

Very nice article. Tempting! For any AN-2 fans - there is a full one on display at Aviodrome, Netherlands where you are free to jump in and have a sit in the cockpit.

DAndre Newman said...

You know, I haven't tried to install that old bag Do-27 in P3D. Yes I have a soft spot for the old girls too!

All of 2013 feels like Christmas with all the addons we are getting!

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