Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ADX FirstLook: New Plymouth Airport!

P3D. Every now and then there comes a freeware scenery that is so good, it amazes me that it's free at all. We have had many extremely highly detailed freeware works in the past that have reviled many payware developers. The most recent was Pecs Pogany which was so good, it led to my very first product review here on ADX. This time however, I am heading South and taking you with me! Let's check the latest awesome freeware: New Plymouth!

To be honest, this product screams 'payware' while also mildly reminding you it's freeware. So much about this scenery was done very well and the talent is very obvious. There are even elements here that were done even better than the most elite of FS developers. I will be watching this developer's future works very closely.
This is FTXGlobal. I need to re-install FTX NZ after a system restore. But even with FTXG, it all looks great!

Getting to my point oh elements that many tip tier developers tend to miss are the roads and lots outside the airport perimeter. Usually this area is left to the photoreal with most developers. But with this developer, the roads are very crisp as you would expect a taxiway. This is how it should be done. Developers, take note!

As for the freeware elements I mentioned, all this scenery needs is high-res texture baking.

Now that the textures are bad though. They are quite good!

And the entire terminal interior was modeled. Very cool and well done!

Nice lounge! A lot of details here! I tip my hat off to the developer for this.

The ramp textures are very nice too!
Here is the bigger picture. Nice isn't it?

Che Ridland has done a splendid well done job on this scenery and deserves much credit for making this little masterpiece free! But please, by all means, download your copy today and check it out! It's great to see more developers rise in this small community of ours. When I reviewed LHPP over a year and half ago, it's merely a small yet extremely detailed work. Now that team is building a mega airport! Who knows what we will see from Che in a year from now. Great job!

More info here:

And a thanks to Golden Star!

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Golden Star said...

Your welcome! Great to have awesome freeware for NZ! We just need more NZ airports!.

Nothing to see here said...

OMG I've been there for real (Cross-countries from North Shore) and this is exactly what the place looks like. I don't have time to fire up FSX yet but I hope some of the surrounding features (e.g. The Methanex Motunui plant) are included as well.

PGB said...

There are 2 things i hope Che will get fixed in future:

If i use the effects from his folder, the result are huge runwaylights like a campfire at night. If i don't use it they look normal, but they are all white.

The main issue is extremely z-fighting on the front of mainbuilding and the windows at day and night from all distances. (680GTX/driver: 320.18)

beside of that the airport is definitely well done.

Sid said...

Wow! Yes, take note indeed developers. Wonderful work! All credit to the developer indeed!

Flying Squirrel said...

While I appreciate the effort and the scenery definitely looks promising, there seem to be some serious textures issues and currently the runway and a lot of other areas shimmer like crazy.

I do not have these issues at Orbx's NZMF for example, so it's definitely something to do with the textures of this particular scenery.

I hope that the developer with fix this.

123ABC said...

Yeah, I get flickering from the terminal as well.

DAndre Newman said...

Yes I did have some flickering textures but only at night and only when I zoomed in on the terminal from distance. But right in front of it, no issues.

Mr. A said...

DAndre, why do you always seem to omit these types of observations from your articles? Sometimes it feels like every FirstLook is simply you "oohing and awing" at every token release.

DAndre Newman said...

What do you mean these sort of things? The flicker issue on the windows only happens at night when I zoom in from afar. To be exact, I was on the runway. Without the zoom, there was no flicker. So if I were flying anyway, this would never have been noticed. So to be honest, its better if I had not mentioned it in the first place.

But its free right? So you can download it and try for yourself. Don't rely on me for everything. I simply try to be a supplimental resource. You guys have to try these things out for yourselves.

I am mearly recounting my own exprience and opinions.

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