Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ADX FirstLook: Carenado CT206H!

P3D. The boys at Carenado have done it again! Stunning visuals, accurate flight dynamics, realistic sounds, and crisp leather! In this issue of ADX FirstLook, we get our hands all over the Cessna CT206H  to see exactly how good this aircraft is, how well it performs, and if it's worth the bucks! The weather is not too bad today, come fly with me as we make our way from Hilltop to Riverview Valley in Carenado's latest masterpiece!

A return to the roots.

As far as i can remember, Carenado has always been hailed as king of the low and slow VFR world. In recent days, we are really seeing Carenado branch from their roots with releases like the SR22GTSx and Socata TBM850 respectively not to mention the upcoming 1900D from the team. In fact just yesterday, we also learned that Carenado just might be in production on their first business jet.
Recently however, many have not been too pleased with Carenado given the tough performance of this Cirrus and lack of through modeling of the Garmin G1000 avionics suite. Today however, Carenado has returned to their Cessna roots of simplicity and delivered an impeccably sharp CT206H that's just as fun to look at as it is to fly. Again, no G1000 here. It's all simple. Just start, go, and enjoy the view!

After all, that's what VFR flying is all about!

 5 great liveries!

She lights up very well at night too! I really love this aircraft! She is super easy on frames, she looks good, simple to fly and offers stunning vistas from the cabin.

There is a reason this aircraft has been coined: The most versatile aircraft every made!

Get yours today and enjoy your flight! I know I am! Great job Carenado!

Get yours today!

Happy flighting!

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Anonymouse said...

Looks graphically fantastic, as always, but remains to be seen whether the performance figures align with the POH, whether the systems (limited as they are) are properly modeled, whether the plane follows proper start-up flow and procedures, etc.

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