Friday, July 26, 2013

ADX Exclusive: T2G TVSV P2!

FSX/P3D. And coming at ya is the next set of exclusives of TVSV from Taxi2Gate. This team has come a very long way and the quality just keeps getting better and better! H am very hopeful the team will stick around the Caribbean for a bit longer in an effort to get more airports covered in the area. FYI, yes I did add P3D this time. I have been chatting with the team and George Charles (TLPC) is now 95% working in P3D. minus a couple hiccups. Ill provide shots of both airports in my FirstLook right after release! Happy Friday!

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Anders Halstæd said...

I wish these guys would show us RAW FSX shots without all the ENB stuff.

Compare these:

The Taxi2Gate image couldn't be farther from reality, the terrain immediately to the left appears black instead of green! And the water looks like someone went wild with an iridescent colour palate.

Taxi2gate said...

HI, Thanks for the feedback, well the black thing you say is a test i made representing shadow of the trees ;), hey guys is posibly that simmarket release it today, thanks.

Taxi2gate said...

Oh, is now released at simmarket, thanks for the support.

Zohaib said...

I like it! water during approach is always good. THUMBS UP Taxi2gate!

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