Tuesday, July 9, 2013

777 Captain update 1.2 released!

FSX/P3D. PMDG fans to the right CaptainSim fans to the left. For the latter of the group, you now have a new update to your  777 which covers a slew of issues including WXR, Terrain, RR variants, and more. Click to see the full list. To the PMDG fans, please continue to wait for your aircraft.

Service Pack 1.2

The 777 Captain (777-200, 777-300 and 777 Freighter Expansion models) Service Pack 1.2 is available and includes SP 0.201, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 1.1 plus the following new features and enhancements:
    - Boeing 777-200ER RR 895 engines variant exterior model added
    - Malaysia Airlines (9M-MRG) livery added
    - ND integrated weather radar added
    - ND integrated TCAS added
    - ND Terrain Mode added
    - ND T/D T/C E/D drawing improved
    - ND FIX drawing added
    - ND HOLD drawing added
    - ND Altitude Range Arc drawing added
    - ND route, RW, floating points drawing improved
    - ND Plan Mode improved
    - Displays floating flickering fixed
    - Autopilot improved
    - A/T engage/disengage fixed
    - EFIS improved
    - Right MFD selector knob fixed
    - EICAS messages added/fixed
    - Config Parking Brake fixed
    - Differential Brake fixed
    - Reset Autobrake fixed
    - Tooltips typos fixed
    - Minor models and textures issues fixed
    - Code optimized
    - Manuals Part I and II updated.
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p3 said...

No thank you, I will wait for the less buggy, superior pmdg version!

Mark Batarina said...

Downloading it now. Lets see if they final fixed things.

whisper said...

Well it´s a ok plane not as good as pmdg hopefuly is gonna be but the biggest problem as i see it is the loading time of the VC cockpit it takes some time to load all panels as well as the relatively low FPS.. it would be nice if CS finde some one to program the vc as the outside is nice shown by 737 it´s runs like silke. but this it hurts whit the slow fps and VC loading even at a not dence airport or in the air aswell

Jamalje Bassue said...

FPS still bad

JRSchiphol said...

It suprises me... According to the site we have to uninstall the 1.1. Then I install 1.2 and it didn't ask for a serial. Forgotten the security or did they see something in my registry that still says I have bought it?

If not... Piracy will come up fast!

Mark Batarina said...

Nice, keeps under 250

But still goes 6000 FPM again maintain that 250


altigo said...

New service pack 1.2 is a big sh.t! Captain Sim can not fix 777 never!

But the weather radar is working...Congratulations!

I am fed up! I delete all Captain Sim product from my PC!

Martin said...

I did the same few months ago. Also scrapped the installers from my HD so after a year, when the bad experience memories fade I'm not tempted to re-install...

Ah, and by the way I was banned from their forum for looking for my customer rights and asking too many questions...

So I guess that'a a full blown divorce, right?... Dejavu.. had the same scenario with Ariane design some years ago

flynryan692 said...

Everybody sits here and cries like little babbies because it isn't goo enough, well uh..folks it is CS. If you bought this expecting PMDG level quality you are a fool. I bought this knowing full well it wouldn't be perfect and I'm not really disappointed. I work past the imperfections and the flight goes well, but I guess the fact that I actually know how to fly helps (something that gets more rare everyday with FS it seems).

Nico Bellic said...

No wonder why there is bad frames when they hva animated even the lavatory... It looks beautiful though, but that's not enough for todays standard ( in my opinion set by PMDG :D ).

Walter White said...

CS 777 is now worth as a freeware, congrats!

after we sitting here and.. waiting for PMDG (proper) 777 real airlines started to replace all 777 for instance; Singapore, Cathay and ordered A350. And i dont think that i will live long enough to have A350 on FSX.

First flight with PMDG 777 can be last (farewell flight) .. LOL!

George_LGAV said...

If all these are added now what was included in the initial release then? The wings?

Sid said...


Weston Hall said...

Where you the one who posted that on the CS fourms?

Weston Hall said...

I will admit it was much better than the previous versions did I flight without any bugs in the systems just a couple of bugs that it seems that only I have had forever

Aaron Graham said...

I will give credit where it is due and this update fixes lots of existing issues and makes flights possible now. :)

Well done Captain Sim!

Mark Batarina said...

*update, OMDB to KIAD flight completed*

~Derating the thrusts to CLB-1 or CLB-2 works much better than CLB. Keeps it under 3000fps

~When on T/D, DON'T USE VNAV!! Use V/S or FLCH to descend. Unfortunately, VNAV keeps the throttles on full restricting it from descending.

~To get T/D punch in your STARS, delete one of the waypoints, EXEC, Then manually insert SPD/ALT in one of the waypoints. Worked for me on my OMDB-KIAD flight

~ILS alignment is a bit off. Must manually land (I don't mind that at all)

Still much work to be done. Many bugs need to be addressed such as
-Speed bug
-Slow VC texture load
-Better VNAV
-FPS drops
-Better ILS alignment
-T/D still not there
-One button controls all lights
-EFOB is very bad at estimating fuel
-OPT and CRZ don't change. It stays at FL301 and FL344

Just too many bugs. Even though they're small, it really adds up and becomes very noticeable.

Anonymous said...

If you like reality
stay away from that plane
tested the 1.2 and still sucks

Martin said...


INFORMER said...

well they stil have sad FPS and slow VC texture load how ever i found a fix for the VC load time try double tab F9 then the VC is loaded in maxt 1 sec in sted i found that yesterday as there was something i was woundering about and found my teori was working not only the 777 also pmdg and other it loads at max 1 sec so far

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