Monday, June 10, 2013

Værøy. We like!

FSX. We were quite excited with the announcement of Værøy last week. Without a doubt, the renders we have seen thus far are quite impressive. It's very lovely to finally see Scandinavia coming to life with all the various projects taking place these days. ENVY is not the only place to land here btw...
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Daniel San said...

What kind of aircraf land on this island?
The scenery is a work of art but on the other hand it's in the middle of nowhere.

Unknown said...

The airport is closed now but I know commercially it was Twin Otters.

Anonymous said...

Norway, its 'fjordlands' and distinctive nordic beauty's going be one pretty adventurous and exciting, not to mention incredibly decent looking, place to fly in the sim in the next year or so, once all thee developers are finished with it. Excited!

Sid said...

Well, think that new Twotter coming out just found another use for some rough-weather flying.

Norway, its 'fjordlands' and distinctive natural Nordic beauty's going to be one pretty amazing, adventurous and good-looking place to fly in the next year or so, by the time all these developers are finished with it. And with Vidan and others working on Denmark, Scandanavia's really starting to come to life gradually. The only thing missing's going to be the northern lights ( Wish P3D could at least put them into their engine at some point. Well done developer. Very excited!

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