Monday, June 10, 2013

T2G MMMX: Latest shots!

FSX. Taxi2Gate is pressing along on their MMMX development. The project will include the most up to date rendition of the airport as well as a large portion of the city. Also remember Orlando is also in development from this team. So far looking good and there is a very clear difference of improvement over the previous 2 versions.

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Sid said...

I'll say! That's not looking half bad at all. Can't see any 'no no' visual flaws...even the ground doesn't seem to let it down. The fact that a lot of the city will be done is another great selling point. This is one big city so a large portion of it should prove very satisfying. Improvement is the name of the game and these guys are obviously showing that and not standing still by the looks of things so I think I'll need to show my support when this comes out. Won't say no to a half-decent Mexico City international airport with no off-putting flaws it it performs reasonably...should make for a nice flight from London Heathrow to Mexico City with a short transit through Flightbeam Dulles. Keep up the good work and fine-tuning the quality T2G! Await in anticipation to visit Central America in the sim.

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

I second that..Will definitely make this purchase.

Unknown said...

What's the pricing for,people who own the previous versions of mmmX?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a general view of the scenery in order to have a better idea on how it looks.

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