Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Orbx - Important FTX Global Update!

FSX/P3D. Lastly this morning, Orbx FTX Global! This update is very comprehensive and includes many important items. I will try to briefly summarize but strongly recommend reading the actual statement. Firstly, FTX Global is delayed until July 15. Next, the developer is working on new textures such as middle eastern towns in desert environments, SE Asia rice paddies, etc. Plus, Orbx will now be patching certain aspects of the default landclass file. See inside for more.

The update is simply too large to post directly on AirDailyX. To read the comprehensive FTX Global update as posted by John Venema this morning - click here

But even still, a couple pictures.

New Asia source textures:

New middle eastern city textures:
John Venema has also included a brief note regarding feedback and criticism...including here at AirDailyX I'm sure. Please read carefully and show some respect to both John and Orbx in general. Feedback and criticism is fine, just don't be an ***hole.

John's note regrading feedback and criticism:
Customer Feedback and criticism
Over the past month or so I've noticed a lot of hostility towards FTXG and Orbx in general in various forums and blog sites, most of based on a lack of understanding about what exactly it does and its scope. This hostlity is by a small vocal minority, of that we are acutely aware. A lot of the criticism was based on generally not understanding the way FSX landclass texture products work and not visiting our FTX forums to read the already published information. To hand out harsh comments on a product without first reading about what it does is a bit shortsighted and I would encourage people to read the information we have made available already in detail.
Then of course there is the pure vitriol and attacks against Orbx and myself which at times bordered on defamation. We do cop criticism on the chin if it is valid, is posted on our forums in a polite and constructive manner and without resorting to personal attacks, name calling or yelling. Case in point: a forum member commented on my Athens video that there were too many blue roofs on display. I thanked him for his input, and we have already changed the roof colour for southern Europe to fix that issue. It is entirely possible to influence development outcomes in a positive way if you approach us in a civil manner. Orbx is not a machine; we are all only human and have feelings and emotions. We don't like our products being bashed just like no other vendors like it. Give us a bit of respect and the time to get things right and we'll do our best to keep learning and improving our tech all the time.

Again, see the massive Orbx update from this morning - click here


Anonymous said...

Despite the hostility and misunderstanding shown toward the product, they do listen and I respect them even more for that and still look forward to the final product, regardless of the delays it takes to improve it!

Anonymous said...

Well you need to earn respect, and they did earn respect.

Unfortunately you can also loose your hard earned respect if you release scenery that is just not up to the quality you've become known for. As far as I'm concerned those large Australian airports with very crippled frame-rates put a serious dent in that respect.

And sadly John Venema's post today mentions nothing about a fix for these?

Anonymous said...

Your headline needs fixing btw ;-)

Unknown said...


DAndre Newman said...

Now these desert textures look good!

DAndre Newman said...

Let's stay on THIS topic please. We get it already about the performance on those airports. Please stop using every Orbx post to air your disappointment about their older products. If they announce they will go back and work on those we will announce it. Until then, we are stopping discussion on that topic. The horse is beaten.

Pirx said...

Don't think bad opinions are the only one. I can only speak from my point of view.

Since I owned FSX and now P3D, one of the things I was hoping more to get was a replacement of default landscape. You can get custom airports which are impressive but you always had that old default textures around. Imagine you could get ORBX zones everywhere...

The news of FTX Global is just what I was waiting for. It will be better or worst but it will improve what I want more to improve, and ORBX gives me confidence enough on their work.

I hope to install it and get my own opinion. By the moment, I like very much what I'm seeing

So, keep working please.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember any complaints about this up until... last week?

Musjo said...

Agreed... :)
Well said!

xavier p said...

Well, this is something really nice to read.
Thanks for passing it on. I like to get my fs news here as all forums are visited for us and the informations all in one place.

So, again, i am tired of the "little and free easy" attacks we see from a minority. As stated above by orbx, there is a way to express things and anything can be said when using the right phrases.

Thank you to orbx for reading what the community has to say and do something about it

Anonymous said...

Great to see they finally "listened" and realized that some of the textures just didn't look good, and that they needed to have proper textures for Asia.

Kevin Firth said...

FTXG from the previews has some ups and downs, the limitations being clearly outlined by JV. What I think is very encouraging is the signalling of their intention to build an 'autogen definitions library'. This would be very much a useful development and I hope that those files would be available free to download as opposed to being purchase only restricted. I've not been a big fan of how some Orbx products are marketed but sorting custom autogen conflicts in this way can only be a good things and I commend them for it :) probably makes me more inclined to buy FTXG as well if I'm honest... I also wonder whether the same restrictions placed on Orbx by aces in 2007 really still exist now that MS has discontinued development?

Todd said...

I really appreciate the well thought out and written news. I'm not really bothered by having to use FTX Central. It's a pretty easy thing to save mid-flight and switch to another region. Granted there might be a more elegant solution, but what we have is very adequate for now. Also glad they're taking more time to get some of the Asian and Middle Eastern textures right. The screen shots look great. One reason I'll buy Global is for improvement in these areas. A big thank you to Orbx for listening to customer feedback. One thing I would encourage them to do is to have a second look at the urban textures in EU. Definitely not up to par.

Anonymous said...

Excellent update from Orbx. FTX Global may be the most significant global improvement in FSX since ACES was shot down.

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