Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Orbx - Bonners Ferry + Cle Elum Preview!

FSX/P3D. Now, Bonners Ferry (65S) and Cle Elum (S93). Both projects are looking fantastic! Have been flying mostly in Europe and Australia lately but this will likely help drag me back to North America. See some shots from both projects inside.

Cle Elum (S93):

Bonners Ferry (65S):
See the massive update from Orbx this morning - click here


Anonymous said...

Boy! this blog has become an extension of the orbx forum. Anything other than orbx to report on, folks? I think it is such an overkill of a promotion, I'd say.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't say so - there is sufficient interest in all these projects to separate the posts. One single post would not properly communicate all the information that has been released this morning.

DAndre Newman said...

Besides, we post the FS news and its our goal to post all of what we can find. Orbx is publishing more information than any developer at the moment thus by default, they get the spotlight. We just post the news. Its what you come for :)

Anonymous said...

How is it overkill of promotion? ADX is here to inform what's new in the community, and ORBX happened to have a big news day. ADX is only reporting on it.

xavierp said...

And another easy attack... I just don't get it.
Personaly, I feel like we get info on all products here. WTF is wrong if developer releases more than makes sense to see more of him here...

Please, chill

Todd said...

Wow, pretty close to home and looking good! KCOE would be an excellent choice too ;)

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