Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Orbx FTX Global - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

FSX/P3D. John Venema of Orbx has posted some new screen captures from Toronto, Ontario, Canada using FTX Global! Looks quite good to me, certainly an improvement over default. Release is still projected for July 15. See inside for more.

Toronto, Ontario using FTX Global, default landclass, and ENB:

See page six of the June FTX Global update thread to read the post - click here


Unknown said...

what about the price ?

Kevin Whelan said...

I believe that it is $99

Unknown said...

Thanks Kevin !

Unknown said...

It's actually estimated by Orbx to be $200. I believe the source was one of the first announcements they released about FTX Global.

Keyboard said...

It's $99 AUD.

Unknown said...

Ah yeah my mistake...the base pack is $99 AUD, and you have the option of paying another $99 AUD if you want continual updates. sorry for confusion

Timbo said...

Wrong again :) , read this

$99 bucks for the whole base pack,

Then later on little scenery packs..cityscapes, landclass, airport packs etc.... which allows you buy only what interests you only

Sid said...

That's correct now Timbo! $99 AUS Global Base Pack...then pick and choose the rest like a brochure to your own needs and desires for little-pack prices.

Unknown said...

Ok, I'll go to my corner now...;) Thanks for the correction!

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