Saturday, June 15, 2013

Orbx FTX EU Scotland - Edinburgh

FSX/P3D. Orbx has posted some new preview captures from the upcoming FTX EU Scotland - specifically, of Edinburgh and nearby area. I must say that I'm impressed, this looks very good... Keep in mind, the "sweetener" to be included with FTX Scotland is a photoreal downtown Edinburgh. See inside for more shots.

See the official preview thread for more - click here


DAndre Newman said...


Jack said...

I very much enjoy ORBX's UK products and looking forward to this one. Again, I don't understand the hate some have for it.

Unknown said...

I too am puzzled by this... In general, I have been quite happy with Orbx EU products thus far. There is some criticism towards Sim720, however, I don't see anything wrong with their work myself.

Captain Obvious said...

It because SIM720 have next to no experience in the industry and especially with FSX, and a shitty attitude to boot

AviatorMan said...

I would imagine that the negative comments are from a very few if viewed in context of the large number of sales of ORBX's UK products so far. I am looking forward to Scotland and then to FTX Global, and hopefully additional regional FTX areas in Europe.

Kevin Firth said...

I've reviewed a Sim720 airfield for another site and I actually found their attitude very open, approachable and communicative. If you have some evidence otherwise you should state what it is rather than allude to it in a vague and unspecific way. Also, everyone starts somewhere, they may be new, but rather than bash them for that (I encourage as many new developers as possible!) if their work is deficient in any technical way then put that out there openly but politely and if you are right, they will be able to take constructive criticism on board and work to improve their products. As it stands Captain, the only obvious thing about your comment is that it appears childish and ill-informed I'm afraid.

Kevin Firth said...

If ADX are ok posting it here's the link to my review of EGHR...
There's my reasoned analysis...perhaps you would like to elaborate on you negative comment with some evidence, or are you just a troll Captain??? :p

Seriously? said...

I love how some people keep saying they don't understand why people hate FTX EU.

Not once now that others commented about Orbx FTX EU Blurries and orbx done nothing.

Jack said...

I've never got the blurries on any ORBX scenery. And after researching that, I found for the majority of users, it's user-error in not having Anisotropic filtering set on in both the sim and their card drivers. What's more, it's not unique to ORBX, it can happen on just about any scenery if a user has improper settings in their sim and drivers. Nothing ORBX can do about users with incorrect setups now, can they?

Blurries happen because a user has essentially set up their system to squeeze every last frame they can, so the sim focuses on that instead and does not dedicate the time and resources required to sustain crisp textures in the name of FPS. Stop blaming developers for FSX's own shortcomings and user-error.

Seriously? said...


If you are ORBX Support, you will be the exact reason why people hate Orbx.

Its so wrong to think that user error is the only cause such errors.

How do you explain the fact that disabling FTX EU makes the blurriness disappear with NO change to graphics settings?

You might be thinking, so why not disable FTX ENG when out of ENG? Then I will say this to you: ARE YOU SERIOUS? Lets say Heathrow, are you telling me to do ONLY DOMESTIC ENG for a International Airport?

Lets not forget the fact that PNW, AU don't have the same problem, only ENG does, so its rather safe to assume that its fixable, but what did Orbx do? They suggested to get FTX Global to fix another of their own product issues OR "get a life" in exactly their words.

Kevin Firth said...

+1 Jack.. Seriously, have you made sure its not your settings, and/or posted a relevant support request on Orbx's forum?

Jack said...

No I'm not ORBX support, I'm a user who has figured out how to set my sim up properly. It is user-error. I have never had issues with blurries in any ORBX scenery.

As for the scenery switcher, you obviously don't know how FSX architecture works. To get region-specific autogen and textures, as of right now, that's the only way to do it because of FSX limitations. If you don't like it, YOU find a better way.

Again, stop bashing developers for user-error and simulator limitations, especially sim limitations. This demanding ungrateful attitude is why developers snap back at people like you and it the catalyst for why this community is falling farther and farther back. Unless you think you can do a better job, shut up.

CowboyPilot said...

You don't have to buy FTX Global. JV said the fix will apply for everyone. Bitter nutter simmers

Anonymous said...

There you go Seriously?! If you'd actually read the ORBX statements, you'd have already known that they were working on something. To your point, yes, then they must have known there was something taking resources away from loading the textures, but again, seeing as I and many other simmers have yet to experience blurries, if you had your system set up correctly, blurries would not be an issue, regardless.

Kevin Firth said...

"As for the scenery switcher, you obviously don't know how FSX architecture works. To get region-specific autogen and textures, as of right now, that's the only way to do it because of FSX limitations. If you don't like it, YOU find a better way"
I believe the limitation was a legal one imposed by MS, by them requiring 3rd party developers not to alter the included autogen descriptions files, albeit based on a software limitation of only being able to use one lot of autogen files.. The only way around that was to implement the switcher that allowed custom autogen, but didn't affect the original files. Perhaps now that MS have discontinued development of FSX we might find they were disinclined to pursue developers who don't follow that approach. The best solution would be if all developers input their bespoke autogen files for their sceneries into a single repository which all users could then download for free and be sure of having working autogen wherever they fly. I think JV from OrbX is going someway down this route already which should be welcomed as it may make life a lot easier for any of us that don't fly default.

Jack said...

Still though, that means ORBX wasn't just doing it to be a pain. Honestly people, developers do try and make it easy, but there are sim limitations, legal limitations, etc that they simply have to work with. That's it. Don't bash them for it, it's not their fault when they are bound to these limitations.

Anonymous said...

Wish they'd do what they've done for Edinburgh to Cardiff for FTX Wales. I know they did the airport but Wales is so much smaller that a city of Cardiff (which is frankly the only real metropolis and major population centre in the small country of 3 million), done like this Edinburgh would let me justify the cost and buy it. But, because the value for money for Wales (for me is not worth it as it is), I can't get Scotland either and Global will have to do because its either a full FTX UK for me (which means each country's got to be worth the money when they're the same price as well as have much more to offer than FTX Global) or no FTX UK products, with possibly Global having to do. Cardiff and Belfast done like this Edinburgh would sell all 4 products to me, as that, at least would be worth that much money for a small country like the UK (already divided into such small sections, compared with FTX Australia, US or EU mainland region sizes. e.g. Norway is all one product). Wish it was worth it for Orbx to do Cardiff and Belfast cities the same way...Wales and Northern Ireland are tiny). Anyway, just wishing, still nice Edinburgh...very nice.

Mason Dominique said...

ADX Message
Sign your posts from July 1st !

Seriously? said...

Fanboys. Fanboys.


2. Don't Bull with me about FSX Limitations, it was NEVER mentioned on the product page that this causes issues with the REST OF THE WHOLE FREAKING WORLD with FTX ENG enabled. And let me repeat, PNW, AU DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM.

3. If ORBX is working on a fix to it WITHOUT HAVING TO BUY FTX GLOBAL, then I wouldnt know, because people have been told to "GET A LIFE".

4. Call me a troll if you want, but you saying that I bash orbx is like pot calling the cattle black. Just because you dont experience such issues doesn't mean others dont.

Jack said...

Fanboys is a poor and desperate argument to try and imply. This isn't about being fanboys, it's about being fair to developers without raking them over the coals for things that are out of their control.

I will 'Bull' with you about FSX limitations because it's something that developers and users must live with as long as we have FSX, and there is nothing developers can do about those limitations as long as they are working in FSX. It's quite ridiculous to demand and expect a developer to list and mention every potential problem that may arise. Everyone has a different system, and everyone has a different setup and that is simply impossible and ridiculous to demand such a disclosure from a developer. By that same logic, you as a buyer should think about every issue that could arise when you buy it. Ridiculous sounding, isn't it? All the more ridiculous if the developers and testers themselves never had a problem or believed to have overcome the problem. Nothing is perfect buddy, you've got to expect people to get different results. There is no way a developer can plan for every setup and every possibility. What a ridiculous thing to demand.

I'm not calling you a troll. I'm calling you ignorant and vindictive. You use the term 'the pot calling the kettle black' when you are doing it yourself. **Just because you experience such issues doesn't mean other do.** Through searching your so called 'blurry' problem, it appears it's a small minority, probably the same small minority who complain about only getting 10FPS when their settings are maxed while flying the NGX around an AI-active major airport because THEY HAVE SET THEIR SIM UP WRONG. If your 'blurry' issue was felt by the majority, it would be a much bigger issue and would have been addressed long ago, but the simple FACT is that only a small percentage of users experience that, PROBABLY because they have their sim set up WRONG. I don't know why when disabling FTX ENG gets rid of it for you, but you are one of only a relative few who have that problem. I'm calling you ignorant and vindictive because as far as your argument is concerned, you are perfect, your setup is perfect, and ORBX is ALL to blame and you seem hell-bent on dumping on ORBX, no matter what you have to say, and you make all these comments without actually knowing the structure of FSX and how it all correlates to those limitations you don't want to by 'bulled' about.

Let us not forget, you are the one that jumped in on us with a condescending attitude of, "I love how some people keep saying they don't understand why people hate FTX EU." As if everyone should know why a few people have some problems with their setup when the majority is running the product fine. You are a prime example of some in this community who have such condescending and demanding attitudes towards developers and other users that just because it doesn't work for you means everyone else needs to hear about it in all future discussions about a developer and their product, and just because a product may not be catered to you and you alone means it's horrible and that developer should suffer bashing and jabbing for the rest of their existence.

I'm sorry FTX ENG doesn't work well for you, but the rest of us don't need to hear it. A support topic on the ORBX forum is the place for that. But you use this blog to jab and insult just because the rest of us are commenting on our anticipation for the product. There is a difference between constructive criticism and downright negativity and vengeance. The vengeful, demanding attitude some have towards developers and other users only sets this community back, little by little. The developers are the only people keeping the ball rolling until the next sim comes out (if it comes out, we'll see on P3D V2), and yet, they get crapped on by some. No wonder some of the best developers have left this community long ago.

Seriously? said...

1. Call it a weak argument, but that's how it is. Jumping to conclusion straight away that its a user error and defending the developer poor practice is just a fanboy attitude.

2. Drop the notion that its a FSX Limitation, EXPLAIN WHY AU and PNW DON'T HAVE THIS PROBLEM.

3. NO OOM, no low FPS (30+ here). For your information I am flying in hong kong just the other day with DEFAULT SCENERY and a default aircraft, and what do I see? BLURRIES. Disabling FTX ENG (which is over 3000+nm away) solves it, so drop the stupid notion that its a user error.

4. Yeah sure post on the Orbx Forums. DONE. And heres what they wrote: "GET A LIFE". It wouldn't have been so bitter if they didnt reply with that attitude. (and mind you I posted there with a genuine intention just to get my product working, not to troll them of any sorts) Hell, they may have even deleted the thread to bury the problem for all you know.

5. You were the one who said: "If you cant do a better job, shut up." Says YOU. So are you telling me that just because I cant make a TV set on my own, but I have to shut up because the TV does not have a HDMI port but advertises itself as FULL HD TV?

6. I must say that if you enjoy your product, then fine.

BUT your very first comment stated: "I don't understand the hate some have for it."

You second comment: Blaming the whole world problems on user error.

Your third comment: FSX Limiation, Unless you think you can do a better job, shut up.

Its hard to believe its not a fanboy commenting when he is so supportive of the developer and putting blame on others EXCEPT the developer. I have put the effort to make sure its not a user error by even reinstalling windows simply because I thought this was a fantastic product that will be a pity if it didnt work.

The line of constructive critisim is over when their support responded "GET A LIFE". It simply becomes a mission to make sure this vendor never lies to another user and to spread the word.

You call best developer Orbx? Sorry, by no way have I seen such horrid support, with such horrid products. There are a few notable exceptions for horrid products namely: MOST airports (except Melbourne was horrible in FPS and ground poly), Their PNW and AU.

Conclusion: You like the product, FINE. But your WERE THE ONE WHO WROTE "I don't understand the hate some have for it." and hence you are merely got the explanation you wanted.

John Venema said...

Hello Mr Seriously?

Since we released our very first FTX region back in 2008 it has been clearly stated in all our user guides to set FTX Central to "Default" when flying outside an Orbx region. This is due to the changes made to core FSX control files which have to be swapped in and out again to allow us to achieve the level of cohesiveness in our FTX regions. Without swapping out those files there would be corruptions and implications to default FSX scenery all over the world.

So for six years now our customers have understood this limitation of FTX regions and indeed this is supported by FTX England being our fastest ever selling region product.

Whilst there have been a few complaints about blurries outside England from a small number of customers, it is only when they choose to not set FTX Central back to "Default" and fly outside England that this issue exists. I can assure you that if you have AU/PNW/NZ active in FTX Central there are many places around the world where our modified files *do* affect FSX Default, so citing PNW as being a good citizen is erroneous.

Having said that, please allow me to personally apologise for the response to your Orbx support forum request when someone told you to "get a life". I am very surprised that an Orbx staff member would say that; could you link me to the post in question since a search has not found it.

In any case, as I have communicated over the past months we do feel that there a potential to possibly allow regions like England to remain active since we have begun R&D to try to create a "hybrid" mode of operation of our modified files which will hopefully remove the blurries and other corruptions around the world. We cannot give any guarantees that our current efforts will work, but we are aware of the desire of customers to keep FTX regions active and then fly out of them to other international airports.

But I can promise you that the number of customers complaining about blurried when FTX England is active can be counted on one or two hands, and for the most part 99.9% of our customers understand that FTX Central needs to be reset to Default if flying outside an Orbx region. I guess you can blame Microsoft's very shortsighted FSX design contraints for this enforced limitation.

I hope this offers you some insight into the the correct switching process and how we're working to appease even the smallest minority of customers who want to use out products outside of their original scope.

Jack said...

Mr Seriously?

You are obviously so bull-headed as not to accept FSX limitations as a valid excuse it's ridiculous. It's as if you think FSX is itself perfect. Mr. Venema just outlined for you those very limitations that his team must contend with. It's a fact and it's reality. GET OVER IT. And it's still not a fanboy attitude when defending a developer for doing their best to overcome those limitations. I have yet to experience a problem with ORBX sceneries, so I have nothing to complain about, that doesn't make me a fanboy, that just makes me a satisfied customer. Granted, even if it's not user-error as you claim, then it is a SIM LIMITATION. It's not always poor workmanship on the side of the developer, and as a long-time ORBX customer, I've never had major complications with their product. Are they perfect? Of course not, no product is, but they are still damn amazing products. That doesn't make me a fanboy. So don't be pulling that desperate argument. Again, if you'd care at all to learn FSX architecture, you'd realize that limitations play a major role in what a developer does. For discounting that fact as an excuse for a developer to create 'poor' product, you are still ignorant. And yes, if you think you can do a better job developing, then go ahead and give it a try, go on. Overcome the limitations and report back to us, I'd love to see a product that isn't bound to limitations, I really would, it would be a massive breakthrough.

And this doesn't just go for ORBX, it goes for all developers. Sometimes there is legitimately bad product, others are so complex, they are bound by the sim's limitations, ORBX regions are among the complex bound to limitations. It's a fact of life in FSX.

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