Saturday, June 15, 2013

Normandy 1944 update

FSX. Francois Dumas, FS guru among others, has posted an update on its latest project, Normandy 1944, developed in partnership with France VFR. A base package could be released before end of June.

Communique from FSADDON+

FranceVFR has now finished the Beta Installer of the soon to be published Base Package of Normandy 1944. I will test installation and completeness next week. Last things to be finished are basic documentation and supporting websites and web pages. We hope to release the Base Package before the End of June !

Since the additional FREE add-ons to the package are not ready yet (I don’t want to deliver a partially finished first add-on) you’ll have to wait a bit longer yet for that. But the Base Package contains LOTS of goodies such as a complete mesh (altitude definition) of the entire Normandy area, original aerial photographs covering the Invasion Area and more, 4 free aircraft (black-and-white versions) and anti-aircraft effects over Caen airfield Carpiquet.

The add-ons that are now under development will ultimately cover major parts of the beaches, the artificial Mulberry harbors, ships, temporary airfields (ALG’s) and much more.
The first FREE add-on is still planned to be the Courseulles-sur-Mer area of Juno Beach (Canadian sector) with Mike Beach in particular detail.

STAY TUNED….. we know it is a long wait, but unfortunately it is a lot of work and we ALSO have a living to make on the side of all this ;-)


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