Thursday, June 13, 2013

OpusFSX Version 3.1 Update

FSX/P3D. OpusFSX has been updated to version 3.1. The latest version includes a number of enhancements and improvements. Great to see further updates to an already very good piece of software. See inside for full update description.

Update announcement and description as posted on the developers website:
Release Version 3.1 Available Now
We are very pleased to announce that Release Version 3.1 is available now, with of course free upgrades to all licensed users.

The latest release includes many enhancements listed below.

We have combined our heuristic weather interpolation with perfect geodesic mapping within the simulator that results in accurate destination weather from over 240km away.
The second phase of flight planning assistance has been included which extracts your navigation points, providing detailed Flight Plan En Route Weather Reports. This will shortly be supplemented with the generation of a detailed Opus Flight Report text file.

Camera Import and Export options are included. User Camera Definition Files (CDFs) are available on our
Downloads page for import.

The Low Overcast Effect has been improved and extended to cover the first reported overcast cloud layer with a cloud base of up to 6000 feet AGL.

Improved and refined all the visibility height gradients, including for fog layers underneath overcasts.

A Disable View option has been added to the Camera dialog.

The shortcut button and key assignments used to cycle the views forward and backward will now only cycle between identical view modes.

The number of supported joysticks has been extended to 8.

The Weather dialog now includes a 'Disable Weather Update on Startup' option.

The specified Destination and Alternates are no longer cleared automatically when the wheels touch down to prevent loosing the specified ICAO codes on bouncy takeoffs.

For further details and to subscribe to SimForum email updates 'watch' our topic here, Beta and Release Announcements
Live Weather Reports ... Now provide a perfect long range (400 mile) ATIS for your Local, Destination and up to 4 Alternate airfields or sites. The OpusFSX Lower and Upper Atmosphere reports will also provide detailed winds and temperatures aloft targets derived from the GRIB forecast data.
Visit the developers website - click here


Anonymous said...

I would love for you guys to do a head to head review with the 3 main companies that do weather engines as I want to change from one and would love a comparison of ASX,Opus,and FSGRW

wideloadwhitford said...

ASX is nothing compared to Opus and GRW

Todd said...

Save yourself the time and just buy OPUS. I used to have AS2012, and now use OpUs exclusively. The develper is very responsive to user input, releases a new version every 3 months it seems. Remember with OPUS you get a weather engine and camera feature.

Sid said...

I'd love to see this comparison too as also looking to change from current weather-engine but not sure which one would be best to go for. I get the impression its between Opus and FSGRW...don't even know if its close though.

P.S. Sorry to sound so useless but what do they mean by Joystick support: is it related to panning views around and therefore not an issue if one uses Tir? Thanks in advance!

wideloadwhitford said...

When you make a turn on the taxiway such as with a twist on your joystick the camera view moves so you can see the turn.

Sid said...

Hi Todd!

Thanks for the feedback! I guess you must have picked up on my reply to you ORBX Northern California post further back. Thanks for the reply. That's great to hear because one of the extra things (weather engine aside) that has been attracting me to Opus is exactly these additional features. Are the camera and live view features very good? Have you tried the multi-monitor with it by any chance or heard anyone's feedback on the ease of use of that feature for general users? I'm really considering it. I don't know how good FSGRW is but if its similar to Opus and the camera/extra features of Opus are decent...that'd make it the right choice for me. Thanks again for the feedback!


Sid said...

Handy! Does it work fine with Track ir out of the box, do you know by any chance wideloadwhitford?

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