Thursday, June 13, 2013

ASA Bangkok part 2 : Comparisons

FSX.  Three versions : 2008 (Armi project + Tic Tanabodee) then September 2012 (Armi project alone) then... June 2013 (Tic Tanabodee alone).  First question ? What is the best edition. Second question ? Why pay the full price each time!

I will make a first comparison between :
The 2008 version (Armi team + Tic) versus new version from ASA Tic.

The old one first, the new one right below :


Jetways and gates :

Taxiways :

Industrial area and Petrochemical station :


Some cargo area if i remember on the east side of the airport:

And main terminals :

* * * * *
Now, comparisons between Armi project VTBS released in 2008 and Ami project September 2012...

Armi Project

Control tower and parking :

In older version (2008)

And last year :

And we can also compare Armi Project September 2012 with
ASA Tic 2013 (latest released)


What i think of Tic Tanabodee latest scenery ?

It's an awful long work, very time consuming. This airport is really heavy and some areas have been added, specially the industrial parts. Ground textures are much better. The framerate was not an issue when i landed there (dusk time). By the way, dusk and night lights are really improved too.
Some other parts could still be improved : parkings, gardens, some motorways (even if the road circulation is much complex with bettter textures).
AI traffic managers (MyTraffic, UT2..) are not very good at showing asian airlines. I would had appreciated a few static aircrafts, in the cargo area for instance. 
But, to conclude, a price of 19 euros / 25 dollars is rather competitive on this airport scale...And there are more and more destinations to VTBS : Samui and Phuket from the same author, Singapour from Imagine Sim, Djarkarta from BDO Aviation and.Onet Valley..


ADX / June 13th 2013 /Dom Mason


Sid said...

Thanks Dom...very enlightening, interesting and well-rounded in showing its strengts and weaknesses in comparison to previous efforts and in its own right. Agree, it seems to be priced in the right market. Think I will probably get a copy as soon as FTX Global's released, just to ensure it works okay and I can actually use it. A good effort Tic...thank you for your work in bringing Asia to life and expanding the possibilities for flying to interesting destinations. Keep up the efforts. As I say, I'll get a copy as soon as FTX Global's released to make the trips between VTBS and the airports above (I have Phuket and Samui already and I like them)...just got a few things I need to buy more urgently before that. Thanks a lot Dom...really!


Anonymous said...

It is better in comparison to the first vision but miles from what I would pay for...Bangkok really would look good in FSX f it was handed by one of the big teams....road textures are awful

Sid said...

Perhaps one of these days one of them will really take it to their level and I'd be queuing up alongside you to buy that in a jiffy too...A FT, FB, etc Bangkok would be truly magical and sell like hot cakes in the FTX Global era. I'm sure but personally I'd like to support Tic too, by putting it in one of my sims, in the hope he'll continue to improve with time...update when he can..etc so we can have more and more resource in the industry by more and more still up and coming developers, for quality improvement, particularly in Asian, African, Latin American airports, cities, sceneries and regions in general. Its all part of a natural process I guess. I can see he's spent a lot of time and really done the best he realistically can at this time (I looked through his development process in fsdeveloper). So I want him to know its appreciated, priced right for its place as the current best VTBS in the market to have a reasonably decent and useable airport, and has my show of support with a purchase at this time. I do understand its a very different issue for different people...that's natural and understandable of course. I for one love the idea he's trying to get an authentic depiction of the amazing river city of Bangkok itself and I'd love to have interesting and distinct asian cityscapes such as this to explore/fly around so I'm hoping my support in buying this VTBS will encourage him, thank him for his committed efforts and motivate him to utilise any lessons he's learned in this project and its feedback to the enhancement and betterment of the next. I'm sure he'll keep improving and do well long-term. That's just my opinion and outlook of course. Thank you...I think this dialogue is useful and constructive overall.

Anonymous said...

Hello ADX.

The makers of the new VTBS Scenery announced that the next addons will be Don Muang and as third addon Bangkok City!

The FS2004 version of the VTBS Scenery will be released in two weeks or so.

Mason Dominique said...

Thanks a lot Sid, thanks guys,

Always taking a lot of time to snap these shots and compare them but, yes, it's interesting..

flynw said...

soon as I get paid I think I'll grab a copy of this. Looks nice and it'll be nice to have some good Asian airports.

Sid said...

Pleasure Dom. But no, thank you for taking the time to do the shots and does make a difference seeing all this and so really is worth it and time well spent.
Cheers again,

Live Wire said...

Anonomous wrote:Quote
It is better in comparison to the first vision but miles from what I would pay for...Bangkok really would look good in FSX f it was handed by one of the big teams....road textures are awful.Unquote

You have been bagging this effort for months now. I wonder if you are a rival developer or just a disgruntled sad-sack.

In the meantime develop one yourself and see you go. I bet you couldn't cope with the criticism. By the way have you tried to source hi-res aerial photography of Bangkok recently ?

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