Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MilViz B737 panel lighting!

FSX/P3D. Now here is a team really looking to give CaptainSim a serious run for the money! MilViz is promising the highest quality 732Classic yet and we have all been waiting. This time around, we are drooling at their latest VC panel shot which shows the full night lighting effects. This baby looks old, used, and gritty. So it's perfect! Want to see the bigger picture?
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Anonymous said...

Wow, how awesome does that look! Can't wait for this one.

Anonymous said...

You guys are quick :) DM

DAndre Newman said...

It's what we do!

Anonymous said...

Very odd color for the AH.

Anonymous said...

Take your time guys, get that immersion perfect, sounds, textures, vibrations etc.. and most of all the stuff you see form pilots-eye view.. the bezel, the top of the panal, the bottom of the overhead, and most of all the nose, wipers etc, anything thats in front of yer noggin


Unknown said...

Can't wait for this looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

i could feel the dust on my finger lol.

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