Sunday, June 30, 2013

Heringsdorf EDAH released !

FS9 (FSX soon). Captain7 (Volker), has finally released the German airport Heringsdorf EDAH.

Where to download ?

(source :


FSXGuy said...

Waiting for the FSX version.

Anonymous said...

ehither way, releasesa re-releases. Happy canada Day my canuk friends.

JRSchiphol said...

Download link is not correct. Must be:

AutoRotationer said...

News at Avsim:

This alert is posted at 1810 EST, 30 June: In order to guarantee system performance for our registered members, we have had to force guests to register in order to access our forums. Within the last hour we had some 157 registered members and over 700 "guests". Please accept our apologies for the system outages and slow downs today. We will be looking at other means to keep system performance high and provide the best possible service to our community and we will post updates to keep you informed of what we are doing to improve performance.

System outages? They still can't seem to run a website professionally. Well, Avsim used to be my news source, now AirDailyX is.

Andreas Paul said...


Andreas Paul said...


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