Saturday, June 29, 2013

Drzewiecki NY! One more!

FS9/FSX/P3D. Stan has shown another shot of NY along with a comment of the progress: "We will make a configuration program (or at least config options) so any PC would be able to run this smoothly. Obviously at max sliders and all files enabled with highest texture resolution, frames will drop and textures loading time will be significant. No miracles. The goal would be to find the best individual settings and we will do our best to fully prepare this product for that. Currently working on autogen, helipads and still planting remaining buildings."
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Anonymous said...

Edit much!

x-wind said...

Hard to tell the difference!

GTA lover said...

Wait.. Isn't this GTA IV? LOL! JK, this is much better :)

p3 said...

What a joke ADX banned me from their site...

JS1 said...

Ha, relieved that it's not just me that thought that! So long as the final product is as good as the previews, I may finally take the plunge into the east coast of the US.

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