Thursday, June 20, 2013

Challenger getting better!

FSX. We have been following this little independent development for several months now and we are quite excited to see some textures make their way onto that lovely 3D model. This little gem is really showing some promise! Well done so far!
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Tabitha Gordijn said...

A question, off topic. Is it possible for you to make the links open in a new window? Every time I click a link I browse away from AirdailyX. Thnx

DAndre Newman said...

Hey Tabitha,

yes and no. We are a bit limited with what we can do with blogger. But what should happen is when you click a post, it should open in a new tab and when you click a link within that post, it will go to the new page, but ADX should still be open in the previous tab.

Alternatively, you can also adjust your browser settings to open all links in a new window...

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