Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ADX Exclusive! The next round of Dulles!

FSX/P3D. We just got a heap of exclusive shots from the guys at FlightBeam and if i said I was throughly impressed, it's only because there is not enough bandwidth on Bloggers servers to contain all that i really want to say. So here is the scoop. The project is 99% complete and is on it's way into beta. You will also notice some really new night lighting tech not used in previous sceneries. This explains the slightly longer development time. The official release date is:
Official release date is pending the beta results. However, the official projection time-frame is slated for June this month. Over this time period, we will have 2 more rounds of exclusives for ADX readers!

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Anonymous said...

Something went haywire with this post! The pictures are huge and distorting my monitor :P

Anonymous said...

this airport is right out insane jaw dropping detail out this world really amazing work

Anonymous said...

Yep same here.....

DAndre Newman said...

There is sn error with the blogger software. Will be fixed in an hour.

Todd said...

Those pictures are jaw-dropping. Mir has really outdone himself this time.

Anonymous said...

Best night shots I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Jaw dropping pictures.
Can't wait to fly the 777 there.

Anonymous said...

I had an idea for a new script spontaneously:

NY police-officer does housekeeping at Dulles airport.

Most probably i'll entitle it: "Die Hard 2". Chief character Bob McClane by ORBX

Also hoping Brian from FS2Crew will offer a PMDG 747 Queen v2 "Emergency" package for the final take.

Anonymous said...

talk about the light fantastic

Anonymous said...

Wow that's almost unbelievably beautiful

Unknown said...

I'm so glad the best looking scenery right now is my local airport!

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