Monday, May 6, 2013

Update from FlightBeam!

FSX/P3D. Ah yes! Another project we are excited about is the upcoming Dulles from FlightBeam. Mir is extremely talented in terms of both development aesthetics and performance and we are very sure Dulles will be a sure hit out of the park! Release is close, here is what Mir has to say:

We're getting close guys, I promise! We're on the last leg of development and I pulled every trick I've ever known to make this a stunning experience for all pilots out there. An incredible amount of work also went into this airports optimization, so while there's 3-4 times more detail than KPHX, it's even smoother performance. This mega airport is perfectly suited for heavies, and it will be a perfect match for the upcoming PMDG 777.
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Dennis said...

DX10 compatible?

Anonymous said...

Moving people?

Anonymous said...

sounds great, eagerly waiting for release.

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