Friday, May 17, 2013

PMDG 777 - Emirates

FSX. One last PMDG Simulations Boeing 777 livery preview for the week...Emirates! Seriously running out of stuff to say for these PMDG livery preview posts so...uh, looks good still. Take a closer look inside.

PMDG Boeing 777 Emirates livery:

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Anonymous said...

OMG looks at those massive engines. I can't wait to give my NGX some well deserved downtime and fly this baby ;-)

DMac10121 said...

Well, it's the 7th livery preview. I can't wait to see this plane in my sim!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, would anyone notice if PMDG secretly decided to show off the old POSKY model instead of their own, just to fool around with people's heads?

Anonymous said...

Neat idea. Wouldn't that be awesome?! Haha! Great vista of the Burj Khalifa in the background. Like an adver for the airline. Glad this livery made it in. The countdown continues, I'd rather have the countdown with the livery previews followed by VC/Interior previews or anythng elseth decide to share than to see nothing at all while they finish up (no they haven't quite finished, they've very nearly finished...probably tying up loose beta-test ends up to minimise liklihood of bugs on release (as they and we like). Otherwise the same old complainers will moan as the ones who have no patience now. Most of us want it finished like a PMDG bird, not nearly finished, we've waited this long fellas...a couple of weeks more (or whatever their countdown is) won't hurt or kill us. Its obvious its around the corner now. More liveries or VC next week will be appreciated. Thanks PMDG! You have my respect and gratitude.

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