Sunday, May 12, 2013

Orbx FTX Global...Johannesburg + Chicago

FSX/P3D. Yet another barrage of Orbx FTX Global previews - this time Johannesburg, South Africa and Chicago, USA. What do you think thus far? For those of you questioning the performance impact, John Venema has provided a response to this all important question. See inside for John's quote regarding performance as well as some shots from Johannesburg and Chicago.

John Venema states the following in regards to potential performance impact:
"There is some impact if you enable all the fancy lights, but these will be configurable. We have a new mode which is night-time lights only which frees up day/dawn/dusk FPS. Apart from the lights the only impact is the higher autogen density which is obviously much more than default."

Now some shots, first, Johannesburg using FSGenesis world terrain mesh:

Next, Chicago using FSGenesis world terrain mesh:

To see the official preview thread which includes John Venema's quote regarding performance - click here

See the official Johannesburg preview thread with even more shots - click here

Finally, see the official Chicago preview thread again with even more shots - click here


Anonymous said...

Johannesburg is waaaaaay off! This is what The CBD looks like from above:

As you can see, the real CBD has very little vegetation and the buildings have a way more shantytown appearance, the Orbx ones are too European with too many trees!

There are many mine hills around Johannesburg with green water, as well as many township like settlements:

I do hope that FTX Global won't end up being too generic in the global sense.

Anonymous said...

The tress look nice. Everything else looks the same to me.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a preview on some south east countries like China,Malaysia,Hong Kong,Indonesia, Thailand etc.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this is max autogen... the average user is not going to see this density, as the result would be a slideshow, particularly if you throw odd addon like FSDT O'Hare, or FT Midway, or both...

I am not sure that the improvement in those areas I frequent is that great to make me fork out the asking price... Going to sit this one out and read a few review before making any final decisions...


bstikkel said...

Is it my mistake or does it make sense ? Every time I look at the screenshots of FTX Global, the scenery seems so dark to me.
I noticed it one of the first times there were some compared screenshots FSX and FTX Global next to eachother. I can be mistaken, but every new set of screenshots that is published, seems rather dark in my perception.

Is this my deviation or am I right ?

Anonymous said...

Johannesburg FAOR would be a great airport! Or maybe a new version of Frankfurt EDDF? The one from GAP is quite out of date...

Anonymous said...

The Darkness is a result of the enb series settings they use to advertise/ promote.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the stock (enhanced) airports included with this Global scenery one can easily deduce that most may consider deactivating mega airport addons to enjoy surreal autogen without the fear of the dreaded Oom annoyance...hmmm (considering there is no sure resolution to the VAS issue.

I wish they (FTX) would inform the view/reader the autogen level they use in these screenshots. I'm left to speculate that its set at maximum for the convincing whilst their the scenery documentation no doubt advise otherwise..say a normal ag setting.

It would be good to have a comparison and VAS usage per level, since they don't offer a demo version

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