Sunday, May 12, 2013

Flying Bear Studio Releases Cam Ranh Int.

FS9...soon FSX. Flying Bear Studio has released Cam Ranh International Airport (VVCR). Although only the FS9 version is being released at the moment, the developer is working on the FSX version as well and hopes to release soon. I think this looks quite good by FS9 standards! See inside for some official release screenshots.

The product is currently available at simMarket, see the developers Facebook page for more information and links to the product purchase page - click here


Anonymous said...

What a massive lonely airport in the middle of absolutely bloody nowhere in Vietnam! Looking at google maps makes me wonder how they manage to keep it open, it's not like the place is surrounded by any huge urban infrastructure or industry....weird!

The scenery does look well made on the screenshots, pity that they show no approach shots with the ocean, as it does seem like an interesting approach!

Unknown said...

Ive been there, the airport services Nha Trang, a resort town about 20 mins drive away an amazingly beautiful place, the town is frequented by a lot of Russians with direct flights from Moscow, the airport sees an average 13 flights a day.

Unknown said...

Its is a spectacular place to fly into, the airport services Nha Trang a resort town, that is amazing, and very popular with Russians, they have direct flights to and from Moscow, I Recommend any one visit Nha Trang, also remember that alot of Vietnam airports are ex air force bases.

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