Friday, May 17, 2013

Orbx FTX EU Scotland Early June Release....

FSX/P3D. Well, it looks like Orbx FTX EU Scotland is going to be released early June as per John Venema! Although not much has been shown of this project other than several POI renders release is certainly coming up fast. We also know the package will include a photoreal downtown Edinburgh as a sweetener of sorts. See inside for John's quote as well as some older POI renders.

John's quote regarding the current status and release date of Orbx FTX EU Scotland:
"Scotland is at alpha stage and will enter beta in two weeks with a release in early June."
Couple previously posted POI renders from the same discussion thread:
Visit the applicable Orbx forum thread to read the entire discussion; John's quote is located on page four - click here (forum membership required)

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Anonymous said...

Really wish FTX Wales' capital city, Cardiff, though not bad, was photoreal too, since Wales is such a small area compared with most other FTX regions (even if they did add a good airport). Mainly because its the only relatively decent-sized city in Wales even it has less than half a million population, which is why it would make it really nice and worth the investment so that you could buy all the UK/Ireland sceneries and have consistency rather than none because one product is simply not worth it. Its the street layouts/parks/lakes in the extensive suburbs (except those in the small city centre) that are not right, wrongly situated or just absent/incorrect somehow. Even the University hospital of Wales (geographically the largest teaching hospital site in Europe and one of the largest building complexes in Cardiff) is completely absent. Shame, with a better city of Cardiff (including suburbs), I'd get it and then just get all of the UK/Ireland regions.

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