Saturday, May 18, 2013

Next aircraft impressions!

FS9/P3D. So needless to say, my TBM850 impression is on the way. But by request, i'll also review the C90B in FS9 so might as well include P3D as well. So bear with me, it's a lot of work but i'll have them both out soon. Just waiting to hear back from Carenado on some issues with the Socata. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

I'll give you my first impressions:

The visual model is stunning.

The engine sounds are mediocre at best.

In cockpit frame rate better than the Malibu.

The G1000 is well implemented.

Would be good to have more in-depth documentation for systems other than the G1000.

The aircraft climb and cruise performance doesn't seem to be as awesome as it's slated to be.

DAndre Newman said...

You are pretty much right on the nose. Still waiting on a responce from Carenado before I start the review.

Anonymous said...

I would add the missing VNAV mode as a dire fail on Carenado's part! Contrary to what everyone have been assuming or saying here, VNAV mode has not been implemented. The VNV button in the VC is not clickable:

The G1000 manual / reference supplied by Carenado also makes no mention of any VNV button or VNAV mode.

I would gladly pay US$ 10 more for this aircraft to have a working VNAV coupled to the G1000. Perhaps Carenado could offer this as a later upgrade for the more hardcore simmers!

Anonymous said...

My experience with the FS9 C90B

While there is much to like about this aircraft Carenado is, in my opinion, deliberately sloppy. There is a lack of attention to detail in terms of omissions that is puzzling, things you would expect a blind and deaf beta tester to notice straight away.

We begin with the engine start switches that won't stay on and must be held (clacking madly) in order to start the thing. The elevator trim flywheel has markings--but they're in the wrong position so you can't really tell where your trim is set. The fuel pumps are missing accompanying sound. It taxis too quickly at idle, and has Carenado's typically weird behaviour when it comes to unsticking from the ground when taking off.

It also has a bit of the Carenado bounce when braking on rollout. Lastly, flap extension/retraction causes pronounced pitch deflection which the AP seems to have trouble countering. That's easier to manage in manual flight when you know it's coming.

Unlike with the FS9 Baron, the 3D knobs cannot be disabled allowing for seamless RXP (Carenado's GPS components are FS9 defaultish)integration. And even when in, you have to disable reflections to get the RXPs to pop up. In fact, customization in general is nearly impossible, as the gauges, most of them, appear to be hard-coded into the VC. That is a shame and would be a greatly appreciated feature.

Now the good. The price is most certainly attractive at US 29.95--for which you get a feature-rich, believable environment. Crisp details, even at magnification, smooth operation of gauges.

Nice touches in visors that actually move, side windows that open to a rush of wind. In flight she handles well enough and is quite enjoyable to toodle around in.

The sounds are really quite lovely and convincing, adding to the effect. You can really hear when changing prop pitch, etc.

Night-lighting is great, although you must have the landing lights on to get the effect. Not a biggie, over all (other planes have that issue, eg. the Cheyenne from Digital Aviation), and I've yet to blind my little AES fellow--or he's just not complaining.

She's also quite frame rate friendly for my old XP Home/32 box (windowed mode, running a C2D 6700 @ 3.2Ghz, 3G ram, 3G switch enabled, FS9 large address aware) with all the usual addons.

Carenado, over all for FS9 has been steadily improving, and I think it well worthwhile to support a decent FS9 developer still willing to develop for this platform. I might gently encourage Carenado to affect a patch--to really kick this bird up a notch. 7 out of 10.

Disclaimer: Not a pilot (outside FS9), and as comparison use the Aeroworx BE20, which, in terms of systems & behaviour sets my benchmark.

DAndre Newman said...

Thanks. ill review these issues. The only issue I ever had with the Aeroworx is that damn trim issue

Anonymous said...

True--the AW does have that! I might have mentioned also that I look for aircraft that give you the feeling of forgetting the machine and just concentrating on flying. Like using a toaster. You forget about the toaster--it's so seamless--you're just making toast. Carenado's not there yet--you're still very much aware you're flying a Carenado plane.

Anyway, thanks for reading--and I do very much look forward to your review when it comes!

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