Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MCA Designs NA Airstrips Vol.1 Recap

FSX/P3D. As most of you know we're particularly excited about the imminent (this weekend) release of MCA Designs' North America Airstrips Volume just looks so damn good! The package is currently available for prepay - these customers will receive their copy 24 hours before public release. Anyways, see inside for the latest information as well as a recap of project screenshots.

Latest information from the developer as posted on their Facebook page:
Hello everyone!

The MCA Designs NA Airstrips volume 1 package for North America is now available for pre-order from PCaviator for $19.99!

All Pre-Order customers will have the benefit of accessing, downloading and using the scenery 24 hours before anyone else! By pre-ordering,you are supporting us, so we giv...e you something back in return with early download access to the package. Expected Release BEFORE Monday 20th May 2013.
Pre-Order customers will be mailed their download link separately to their order, 24 hours before the product is publicly released.

Release as you can see is now imminent!
Misha Cajic
MCA Designs
Screenshot recap:


Visit the developers Facebook page - click here


Anonymous said...

And this differs from the post about 8 stories down? is it released?, no, has anything changed?, no, new pictures?, no

Yawn, I am actually bored of this package now, too many pictures of the same thing over and over again, there'll be nothing left to discover

Misha Cajic said...

Yes there are new shots and also new content, there are quite a few areas in which shots have not been posted, and actually the shots you see on this post are quite old, the photoreals have changed heaps.
Trust me there will be plenty to see, and actually flying in the scenery is completely different to just looking at shots.
It's gonna be released in a couple of days so we aren't posting any more new shots.


Anonymous said...

It seems it generated enough interest for you to make a less than useful reply at least? :)

Anonymous said...

You'd think they'd at least put this in the Coming Soon section at

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