Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let there be cars!

FS9/FSX. In the latest round of screens of Bangkok, Tic shows the paring lots busy with cars. I personally am known to make a big deal about this particular scenery enhancement and it's great to see it as a feature in the Bangkok scenery.
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Anonymous said...

Nice feature and cars that are actually found in Thailand. Could do with a little less blurriness on the general textures and ground texture though, particularly airside. I know this is still a WIP so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the developer will really try for quality (even when keeping fps balance in mind to some extent) because I have really wanted a quality version of this airport for such a long time. Take your time. Great work so far and good luck! Any other screenshots of this airport possible?

DAndre Newman said...

Just click the link for more

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