Saturday, May 11, 2013

Introducing: Virtual Aviation Systems!

[HARDWARE] Our old pal Darryl Sheppard clued us in this week on a company called VAS: (Virtual Aviation Systems) that is manufacturing some heavy quality FS hardware. So far, their hardware product lineup includes Airbus replica  throttle, pedals, and an entire 2 officer panel among others. Yes, it's expensive, but not as expensive as you would think. You could own this throttle for the cost of a high range rig. MD products are in the works too. Check it out!
Here is some info on the throttle:

 CNC machined parts and laser cut to precision
- 90% made in Aluminum
- Real design!
- Motorized trim wheels
- Perfectly positioned gates
- Forces tested by real pilots
- Engine Panel Incorporated
- Totally backlighted
- Usb Plug and Play
- Incorporated VAS electronic board
- CAN Protocol to all other VAS components
- Software Project Magenta, and soon Jeehell, Wilco, AST

And more info here:!__produtos/throttle-a320
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