Monday, May 20, 2013

Imagine Sim Charlotte FSX imminent

A first screenshot of Charlotte KCLT FSX
FSX (FS9 already released). Hush-hush. Charlotte KCLT (FSX) will most possibly be released on next week-end. Our "First look" to be posted very soon.

More on Imagine Sim and Charlotte for FS9:


Anonymous said...

They completely omitted the Carolinas Aviation Museum hangar! Just flat left it out altogether! I do believe their original scenery had it, but the new version just didn't take it into account at all. :(

Anonymous said...

Perhaps that's why the company is called ImagineSim? You have to imagine it's there?

Anonymous said...


A Flightsim Blog said...

Maybe it's just a problem with pre-release screenshots being incomplete. That's a pretty big error if they actually forgot it.

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