Sunday, May 19, 2013

FSDG-DEX North released!

FSX. FSDG has released via Simmarket it's Deutschland X North project for FSX. The rebooted project is presented in 3 separate packs. 1. Is the complete package. 2. Is the stand alone terrain package. 3. Is the landmark object / airports package. Be sure to read the detail carefully for each package to ensure which package is right for you. Stay tuned for our own ADX FirstLook coming shortly.

Complete package

Terrain package

Landmarks package

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Anonymous said...

Your spellchecker is broken, it's Deutschland, not Deutchland!

DAndre Newman said...

Not the spellchecker. It's my head that's broken! Fixed. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Well you should sleep longer, it's Sunday and you were up before 6 am posting here ;-)

DAndre Newman said...

Well, the are are A380's and 747's with cute kangaroos on their tails that require me to get my ass up early on Sundays... So might as well get your news while i'm at it...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

just don't run over any Kiwi's ,,, hehehe

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