Sunday, May 19, 2013

FS Global Real Weather V1.7 Released!

FSX/P3D. FS Global Real Weather has released version 1.7! This is a major update to the previous version and includes simulation of several local weather phenomena such as Foehn weather at Innsbruck and special wind conditions at Madeira. Further,the update includes FS2004 compatibility, autostart functionality, and more. See inside for the change log.

Change log as posted on the developers Facebook page:

V 1.7 Build 001 RELEASED!

Today we have released a major update for FSGRW. This new version includes:
.) Full Support of FS2004.
.) The first local weather phaenomena (LOWI, LPMA, EKVG, LXGB).
.) Autostart function using command line par...ameters.
.) Some bugfixes and improvements in the flight planner tool.

IMPORTANT: All evaluation points used for the previously released version were resetted; everyone can now re-evaluate the current build to test the new features!
Visit the developers website to learn more about FS Global Real Weather - click here


Unknown said...

So, what's better ? Opus, AS2012 or FSGlobalRealWeather ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's waaaaaay better!

The single biggest reason that this weather engine stands out from all the others, is that the layer issue has been fixed. You fly through cloud layers and they appear below you after you climb through them...all other weather engines have an issue with this, in that the low lying cloud layers disappear below you once you have climbed through them!

Their weather engine is not METAR based like all all the others, is very sophisticated in that all the weather calculations are performed on their server structure and made available through a cloud-based system.

The weather download very quick and the GUI is clean and a joy to use.

In my opinion nobody has made FSX weather available like this before!

I was a big fan of OpusFSX before, made the jump to this one and am überhappy that I took the plunge in buying my 4th weather engine from these developers!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment ! I will try it soon I think :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if not being based on METARs, makes it a good candidate for a functioning weather radar...
So where it is actually based?

Anonymous said...

As I am developer of the tool, here's a few things about this:

FSGRW does use METARs, however, it's just one of many, many data sources. Why? Because METARs are not available everywhere (ie over oceans) and they're not complete (METARs do not always report all weather information - CAVOK for example doesn't mean that there are no clouds. Also, METARs only ususually only include cloud layers up to MSA etc).

We are in contact with some aircraft developers, so we might be able to provide the weather for weather radars in the future.


Anonymous said...

I am also a huge fan of this product! Simply the best FSX weather you can get...if you haven't tried it yet, give it a go, you won't be disappointed! :D

wideloadwhitford said...

I still stand by my choice in OPUS, why on earth do you want to pay more for less features? This product doe not even contain GRIB forecasts and still uses the default FSX weather injection system.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know there is only one way of injecting weather, through SimConnect?

I absolutely agree with the post above and the single most important reason that I now use this weather engine is due to the fact that the layer issue seems to have been fixed. You really do fly under cloud layers, up to and then through them...the same is true for descending down through them.

Could you clarify why GRIB forecasts are important and how do you know their cloud-based system doesn't make use of GRIB data?

Anonymous said...

FS9 full support. Splended!

wideloadwhitford said...

From the developer

"GRIB data which has been prepared on some of the most advanced and powerful computers on this planet using the most advanced and detailed modelling by the best funded organization, NOAA. Why on earth would you think some bit of software is going to be able to model its own data and compete with that running on your PC using nothing more that the data available over the Internet. GRIB is the only forecast that is any good at all "

And also sbout WX Injection

"We also use our own pioneered method of weather injection which IS the ONLY method of getting weather data into FSX and P3D to depict RW weather. FSX will not depict the RW weather accurately without the weather being injected using our 'pioneered' undocumented method. The standard or normal means of getting weather into FSX simply do not work."

Anonymous said...

Yet they seem to have missed fixing the whole layers issue, which FS Global Real Weather seems to have remedied.

There is nothing more unrealistic than flying up to a cloud layer, only to watch it totally disappear after flying through it.

Regardless of everything else, it is that one thing that totally kills the immersion for me with OpusFSX and all the other weather engines.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but whoever wrote this does certainly not know what FSGRW does or what GRIB actually is (it's a data format, nothing more).

I personally hate these kind of conversations and wanted to avoid them from day one: I never lost a bad word about Opus or pretended to know more about their engine than I actually do. Not the most friendly marketing strategy to say something so terribly wrong about a competitor on the market.

However, I don't wanna start this "hick-hack" discussion, just one sentence: The cited text is just wrong! FSGRW does use a lot of data in GRIB format (including, but not limited to winds and temps aloft). I'm also 100 percent sure that it uses much more GRIB formatted data than Opus does (because this amount of data simply can't be downloaded to a client in the speed that Opus does it) and FSGRW does not make any sophisticated calculations on the client (that's why we have the cloud-based technology).

If there are further questions about this, I'll be happy to answer :).


Anonymous said...

Again, this is totally wrong. Whoever told you this, doesn't have a clue what FSGRW does.

Simple but true: FSGRW does use many, many data sources in GRIB format (actually much more than Opus does, because the amount of data to be downloaded is too much to be completed in 20 seconds which is the case with Opus).

Anonymous said...

Excellent to see support for FS2004. How is it on frames?

Unknown said...

Not happy with my first experience. FSX paused and while new weather was downloaded a message appeared on the screen indicating the weather was being updated. Then there was a huge wind and weather shift. I saw cloud pops and barometric shifts. Installed per direction. Don't like it

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