Friday, May 24, 2013

ADX FirstLook: T2G George Charles!

FSX. It's time for yet another ADX FirstLook! We really do enjoy bringing you our consumer perspectives within a few hours after product releases. This time around, all three of us are super impressed by the Taxi2Gate team's efforts! Here is a scenery that really holds it's own among the Orbx and FlyTampa worlds respectively. The quality is great and if you are a fan of island hopping, you just cant miss this one. Both Dom and I are at the helm on this so come along!

First impressions...

The thing that got my attention almost immediately with this scenery was the ultra dense foliage. This place really looks and feels like a tropical island in every way. But more to the point, it's the high-res photo-realness of the trees and shrubs that makes this place feel and look real! This is how it should be done!

Now I need to mind you that whereas my shots are taken in P3D, at the moment, this product is not compatible with P3D. The airport works quite fine in P3D but the scenery covers an area much larger than the airport. It's the surrounding areas with custom autogen and terrain what will not present properly in P3D. Which is why my P3D shots are exclusive to the airport only.

So if you purchase the scenery for intent to use in P3D, you have been warned.

I did speak with Cesar of T2G and he is looking into P3D.
Getting to the scenery, the building textures are well done! And plenty of volumetric grass! You will also notice the birds flying above!

Amazing trees!
Very nicely modeled statics. What kind of aircraft is that?

Few guys spotting. Hoping for a 727 perhaps.

Nice detail on the fences and external roads.

Looks and feels like an island indeed!

Very good attention to detail!

BTW the scenery is fully compatible with WOAI traffic. I had a couple of American Eagle ATR's out here earlier.
Plenty of ramp objects.

And very nice night lighting!

I could go on and on, but I encourage you to go out, buy your copy, and explore for yourself. You will not be disappointed! And yet this scenery serves as more proof that Taxi2Gate is joining the higher ranks of FS development teams!

Get your copy now on Simmarket!

Now stay tuned for Dom's impression of the scenery in FSX!

* * * * * * * * * ***************************
Now, some screenshots taken around the airport by Dom.
There is a pretty dense area of custom autogen all around the platform. The place is charming, thanks to the many hills surrounding the runway. Judge yourself !
These screenshots have been taken with a Geforce Nvidia GTX650 with High quality settings.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up guys! I was about to buy the scenery and now read there are problems with it in Prepar3D.

Could you elaborate on the problem and them looking into it, does it mean they will fix it?

DAndre Newman said...

I didn't say they will fix it. Only that Cesar is looking into P3D. Basically in P3D will get some water walls on the cliffs and and autogen will not display. So either autogen is black and texture-less or invisible with floating roofs. In some cases the terrain swallows up the autogen.

Pirx said...

The prize is really good I really like way T2G makes the scenery looks like.

But I will wait until it is full P3D compatible. Hope to have news in this blog soon about this because this work is a must have.

Anonymous said...

I hope it will be released for FS2004 later )))

Anonymous said...

I will also wait for them to make it P3D compatible. Def high on my wishlist :)

Anonymous said...

Looks a little rough in places but not terrible, Might buy it one day.

Sid said...

Will also wait for P3D compatibility too but want to buy it as soon as that's done. Only trying to buy sceneries that work on FSX and P3D platforms personally. Great-looking St. Lucia. Would be great if the whole island was done in such a custom way. Gorgeous place.

Anonymous said...

If ENB is being used for this could some one point to which 1, Thanks. Also the scenery looks very good, but I also would need this P3D compliant. Great work guys, but never forget P3D as that's the way of the future thanks to Microsoft and Gamespy pushing me to take the leap for the next generation. For P3D get moving with the 64bit engine please. I'm willing to purchase if your willing to make it.

Anonymous said...

Photo scenery does not cover the entire island does it? Could you clarify that for me Dandre?

DAndre Newman said...

No. But it covers an area large enough that it's all you see while at the airport. You have to get up to about 800 feet before you start to see the default terrain. It's a big island and all trees and houses are hand placed. That could really take a very long time to develop. Anyway, FTX is going to cover those areas anyway...

OzayM said...

Is their a fs9 version?

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