Thursday, May 16, 2013

ADX FirstLook: Carenado TBM850!

P3D. FirstLook. I am happy! I am sooo damn happy! Here ladies and gentlemen is what I hereby coin as my favoriate aircraft in the whole of simulation. Carenado has not done it again. I say this because this is a first. Besides the NGX and Q-400 respectively, this is the most realistic aircraft I have seen in FS. It's my favorite prop aircraft and Carenado delivered on everything I could have possibly asked for besides buying me the actual aircraft. So let's take a FirstLook at the Carenado Socata TBM850!


So far she only comes with 5 liveries to choose from but I am quite confident our re-painters out there will be working hard on more. Needless to say the 5 we did get are very nice and I found it difficult trying to decide which I liked best.


If you want to get right to the action, just click "Ready for taxi" and GO!

 So having decided which I liked best, here is your visual showcase!


Now this is NOT a review. Simply a quick FirstLook from a consumer perspective. Besides, no other news sites in the world present these perspectives faster than us!

So on to the issue everybody was worried and concerned about: Frames!

I am so truly happy to report that Dominique and I had a very good experience regarding performance. Now without the displays operational, the average FPS was between 40-50 fps on our systems. Switch them on and they drop to the 20's quick. But that's okay! This was nothing like the SR22GTSx!! And I hope Carenado releases a performance patch for the poor sexy Cirrus. 

Here all was very smooth 20-25 FPS which is just fine while on the ground and during taxi and takeoff. And the TBM features all the visual aesthetics of the Cirrus. So you should not be concerned about performance. We are having a great time!


You have 2 choices: 
1. import a default flight plan from FSX/P3D 
2. Do all planning by longhand directly on the PFD 

  • Sorry maybe the only disappointment for some... no options for updatable nav data on the G1000.
  • You can  manually input and edit all of your waypoints and alternates. NGX pilots will love this aircraft as all systems have been implemented. Again minus up-dateable AIRACS, LPV/LP/WAAS capabilities.
  • Fully functional LNAV and VNAV implementation.
  • The pulse landing light system is also fully operational.

So far the issues Dom pointed out are:

"Sounds are delayed. When you reduce throttle, it takes a few second to adjust the sound.
When moving flaps, i don't hear any sound. When i switch to the external view, bug on the propeller."

Now I did not experience these issues but it's possible some of you will.

My only problem so far is I have not been able to push the aircraft to it's top orgasm speed of 320KTS.

Anything I did not address? Please feel free to ask us any questions, feel free to assist each other, and list any issues you may have.

It's such a fun and beautiful aircraft! Hope you liked the shots!

Also stay tuned for my full impression coming next week which will cover all features and systems operations in greater detail. 



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Anonymous said...

Still no g1000 updateable nav database, so still unable to do rnav, waas, lpv, lp approaches. That part is very disappointing and the only thing preventing me from buying this plane. Since Carenado is using the G1000 on many of its planes (e.g., Cessna T182T, SR22, TBM, etc.), why can't it spend a little time giving us a real nav database for the G1000 units? Would make it soooo much better.

The ideal would be a Carenado visual model with something akin to the Flight1 G1000 implementation (which includes updateable nv database and WAAS approaches).

On the upside, very nicely modeled wingflex unlike the FSLabs A320. :-)

DAndre Newman said...

Awe shit.., here we go with FSL wingflex again... I do agree with you on the systems. But its still very enjoyable even without all the extra work.

Anonymous said...

I wish people would just cram it about the wingflex already. Gets very annoying, very quick.

Anonymous said...

Aircraft ground shadows pleeeaaasssseeee!
No updateable buy.

Anonymous said...

What the point of developing such a high-end system without up datable navdata ?

Anonymous said...

What WX generator and texture software were you using when capturing these beautiful shots ?

Anonymous said...

I don't care what you say 10 of 18 has made me a believer. Purchase is imminent

Anonymous said...

I agree, you guys always take screenshots without aircraft ground shadows. It makes you screenshots look like you photoshopped the aircraft into the background.

It is beyond me how you can fly around like this. Please enable ground shadows, it also makes your performance observations a lot more realistic.

DAndre Newman said...

Nope. It doesnt as we display this info in our system specs. And the shadows causes stutters. Im not going to admire the shadows anyway. And to include them in the shots would be missleading as i dont fly with them. However in the future ill do it for review testing purposes.

Anonymous said...

So much for "as real as it gets" in FSX/P3D.

DAndre Newman said...

No matter what people will always nitpick....

Anonymous said...

Objects make shadows in sunlight... Otherwise it is simply unrealistic. It is a good option if you fly only in you VC view, but since you do reviews, you should think about your graphics as well IMHO.

DAndre Newman said...

In cloudy days too like in most of the shots above?

As I already said before if you are actually reading what I write, I will enable it in the future for review purposes.

Anonymous said...

Yes D'Andre, always remember to switch on wingflex and aircraft ground shadows....haha

DAndre Newman said...

Next time you guys are going to start telling me I need to turn on the lights too!!! HAHA!

Anonymous said...

Which aiport is it in the first couple of screenshots? thx

Mason Dominique said...

By the way, if i activate the aircraft shadow, i don't see other aircrafts in IVAO network...

DAndre Newman said...

Actually, thats 2 airports. Stewart and Bella Coola both in Northwest Canada. You can get them from Orbx.

Anonymous said...

Topspeed is only 270 KIAS (indicated airspeed). 320 KTAS (true airspeed) is a possible "max cruise speed" in 26000' with Standard ISA Temp or colder.

Anonymous said...

This crippled G1000 in the CT182T distracts me from buying any other Carenado aircraft with similar equipment. At least it seems that the flight plan is now editable in G1000. A small step in the right direction...

Unknown said...

D'Andre, I can't find your computer specs. When you're talking about FPS this information is very important. You know, if somebody with 4.8GHz processor gets 20 FPS that's pretty bad news for somebody with 3.5GHZ for example.
Great website btw!

Anonymous said...

And with the seat belt fastened too DAndre, thanks :-) I really haven't got the intelligence to hazard a guess at the true fps unless your seat belt is fastened in the review too. And if you could sit just a little further forward and perhaps to the right a little. That's it, yeh, cheers. You understand, the true fps might be up by a whole 0.00002 otherwise. HAHA!

DAndre Newman said...

Thanks Tomaz, just look to the left. There is an icon there that says SystemSpecs. We are still updating the info there but most of what you need to see is there.

DAndre Newman said...

I think slowly in time they will get there. They actively follow ADX so they are aware of the comments here.

DAndre Newman said...

Awe damn! I remember the older freeware in FS9/X the TBM700 I had to do CFG edits to get it to max speed. Dont know if I want to do that here with this toy though...

DAndre Newman said...

Thats it! I quit!!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they upgrade the models with the old G1000 with a better one

ALX WNT said...

It eats the FPS, it's beautiful aircraft, but FPS eater, ORBX UK + Cardiff = 18FPS

Anonymous said...

The systems suck ... Oh my god

Anonymous said...

No updatable Nav Data Base like Flight 1 No shelling for this plane even though it is my favorite plane in the world. I asked Carenado to release a version that has an updatable Navigraph database. I I would be more than happy to pay more! A sim not a sim unless you can replicate almost 100% of the functions of a real plane. I am a pilot so I only invest in FSX add ons that give me the most realistic functions as possible.

Anrboy said...

Can someone help me out.
System specs
FX 3850 OC to 4.4
GTX 670 4GB
16GB 1600mhz Ram

Can't get a playable framerate from this G1000. Any and all other planes run great

Anrboy said...

Can't get over 20 FPS with G1000.
FX 3850 OC 4.4
GTX 760 4GB
16GB 1600mhz ram
running through SSD

Any ideas?

DAndre Newman said...

Your system is better than mine but I have had no major frame issues. I do tent to use it at more rural and island airports though. But it runs much better than the SR22GTSx

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