Monday, April 22, 2013

Sibwings AN-2 now in beta!

FSX/P3D. We'll it seems there is some very good news to AN-2 fans such as myself. The SibWings AN-2 has officially entered Beta stage as stated by our firend Nick Churchill (Screenshot Artist) This is one of the many prop aircraft on my list this year. Once released, i'll be looking forward to FTX Global to better enhance my flying over the Hungarian countryside. Here are the latest shots.

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Pirx said...

Another outstanding airplane. I really enjoy when a developers group is working hard and seriously on something.

ALX WNT said...


DAndre Newman said...

Oh yeah!

Anonymous said...

1 question, gauges are in Russian and labels are written in english. Is this correct to the era and authenticity of the aircraft. Also on a side note is their a ski package ect, coming with this baby.

DAndre Newman said...

I don't know but as long as I can understand it, I don't care. I have put off on many quality Russian aircraft addons because everything is in Cyrillic. It really can alienate western customers.

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