Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Japan, past and incoming...

FSX. The Land of the rising sun is back on the stage. Here is our update on airports, those already available and others already announced. To my regret, i cannot mention FS9 here since the most interesting ones, from Overland, are really past history.

This map only displays payware airports.
Map from Google Earth resource.

Chubu Centrair Nagoya RJGG (on beta stage)

Fukushima RJSF (in beta stage)
Tokyo Narita RJAA (early project stage)

Kobe RJBE / Osaka Kansai RJBB  / Fukuoka RJFF (already available)

Tokyo Haneda RJTT  (with new runway)

Aerosim Fukuoka airport (FSX).

Airdailyx, April 2nd 2013


Anonymous said...

It's very difficult to pull the trigger on any Aerosim scenery when you can have a much better quality Flightbeam, FSDT or Flytampa scenery for less.

Tommy Au said...

i totally agree with you, i mean their airport is good, but is not as good as i went to spend 50 usd on it

Anonymous said...

How can I obtain the RJTT scenery outside of Japan?

Mason Dominique said...

Well Haneda RJTT, so far, is still not released.
And we don"t have any information on a partnership with an european editor.
But with our friend Tino, we might have more news very soon.

Anonymous said...

To the guys interested in Fukushima RJSF it´s just been released on simmarket

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