Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Flightbeam Washington Dulles + NGX!

FSX/P3D. Flightbeam Studios has released a fantastic panoramic shot from Dulles in the NGX! Further, the developer has disclosed some more information regarding the project. Firstly, completion is getting ``closer and closer`` so we should be expecting more frequent previews. Next, regarding performance, ``We`re getting REALLY good framerate performance``. See both the panoramic preview shot and the developers statement inside.

The statement as posted on the developers Facebook page:
``We're getting closer and closer, which means more and more previews.

 Here's a quick panorama screenshot taken today while testing the NGX around the airport's various jetways. We're getting REALLY good framerate performance, and expect it to stay that way through release.``

Now, the panoramic shot:

Follow progress on the developers Facebook page - click here


Anonymous said...

"We're getting REALLY good framerate performance"

- Entire project is now jinxed.


Anonymous said...

definitely on my buy-list

Weston Hall said...

Just look at that detail on the gate!

DAndre Newman said...

Their KPHX is amazing on frames same as you would expect from FT. But the difference, FB is using methods no one else is doing.

Richárd Dobos said...

Can't wait to make an Flytampa OMDB-FlightBeam KIAD PMDG 777 flight with FTX Global. But I must.

Anonymous said...

"FB is using methods no one else is doing."

Not exactly, they are learning these new methods from FSDT. They also licensed the Couatle engine from FSDT for their products. As well as using FSDT's idea for using 4096 textures to cram in more textures into a single texture sheet to reduce draw calls, rather than using tons of 1024 sheets.

If it wasn't for FSDT they would probably have to design using methods like FlyTampa and most other scenery designers use.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but this is not true. Let me explain...we use FSDT's Addon Manager to display our scenery and make certain elements visible at different times of the year, but we use our very own optimization techniques gathered by experience in the game industry, mainly used in popular game titles I worked on. FSDT and Flightbeam don't really share development techniques unless it relates to the Addon Manager (which doesn't "optimize" 3d models anyway.

"If it wasn't for FSDT they would probably have to design using methods like FlyTampa and most other scenery designers use."

This is also untrue, most developers use the same development method. The only difference is, the models are then exported and shown using a different method (not related to optimization). Hope this helps!

Mir - Flightbeam Studios

Weston Hall said...

That's a dream flight

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