Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bruxelles Charleroi: progress

FSX. Manuel, founder of the "Voie bleu" [the blue route], is progressing well on its Bruxelles Charleroi EBCI, posting new shots a few days ago. He decided to start this project since, apparently, very few editors are willing to work Belgian airports. (We are still waiting for a very good Antwerp for instance). He might need some help too.

 "I realized that this Belgian airport might have a limited audience in the world but EBCI has become a major HUB for Irish airline Ryanair. As a matter of fact, it is even the second airpor in the country".

Manuel has started in FS development by redrawing airlines liveries for Overland and then, on IFly NG Boeing. But he is prouven simmer for years, beginning with the first versions of Microsoft FS.
About Charleroi EBCI, he cannot make any promise since this is its first airport project and don't want to disappoint anybody. "I am estimating the progression at 40 % from a final release".
By the way, something important to mention, he is looking for help regarding the possible use of Google Earth. He woud like to use a few square kilometers from this resource. How much does it cost ? And what if EBCI is eventually released as a payware ? Another concern he is dealing with, is  the rain effect on apron and taxiways.

Manuel is still progressing on the airport. The north part is almost done. Will this airport be a freeware or a payware ? Or maybe a freeware with donation. He is still hesitating.

FSdeveloper.com would be a valuable resource for him but he doesn't speak english. So maybe a good french support site ? If anyone can help him, that would be great.
In the meantime, no promise on this project. But AirdailyX won"t forget to take another look in a few weeks.

Good luck Manuel.

April 2nd 2013




Anonymous said...

It looks really nice - good luck!

ricardo_r said...

Maybe Manuel can find some answers here: http://www.pilote-virtuel.com/

Regarding rain effects, they are only visible on XML formatted aprons and taxiways (ie, the ones created directly in the AFCAD), and as Gmax ground polys overlay XML ground, rain effects won't be visible.

Hope I've been helpful! ;)

Manuel said...

Thank you Ricardo for suggest, but Yes I read all tuto's on FS developper and on pilote virtuel but not find a solution on my problem. And yes, I think that's because I make myself my poly texture on overlay for taxy and apron. In this case, I think also that's not possible active rain effect on my ground texture ! ... <:/

Anonymous said...

Good luck Manuel. I've been waiting for this to happen, didn't knew anyone was making this. Virtual Ryanair will be better now

Anonymous said...

I hope that sombody makes Liege (Lüttich) one day. for FS2004, too of course.

Ricardo Rodrigues said...

Yes, unfortunately it's not possible to have both things.
But the bright side is, custom ground polygons look much better, so rain effect is not a big loss.

Btw, forgot to say the obvious... great work, Manuel!
I was really waiting for a Charleroi scenery for a long time. Liege would be awesome too. :D

Manuel said...

Thank to all.
Finaly, I find a solution for the rain reflexion on my personal texture, but this solution generate another problem with the curve earth. The correction curve not run if I make a choice for a rain reflexion...Grrrr
But I'm not despited find, one day, a solution <;)
For LIEGE "EBLG" ... There is 1 compagnie work on 2 years ago ... The last (old) news about this, the airport are end, but never peoples see the result !!!
And now, there is a long time without news about this airport ... Sorry, I don't now what's happen with this airport and the team work on !

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