Tuesday, March 5, 2013

X-Plane 10.20 is Final...Now 64-Bit!

XPL. Version 10.20 went final last evening meaning that X-Plane is now officially 64-bit as well as 32-bit! Definitely a step in the right direction for flight simulation platforms. What do you think of X-Plane? Read the full announcement inside and see some platform screenshots for those of you not familiar with X-Plane..

The full announcement as posted by Ben Supnik:
X-Plane 10.20 went final last night – we are now officially 64-bit (as well as 32-bit).
We have a number of small bug fixes that we will put into 10.2x bug fix releases – the name of the game here is small, unintrusive fixes that make a big difference to the sim without risking more problems. We’ll get to bigger fixes in 10.30.
Small things may include:
  • A new apt.dat/nav.dat drop from Robin.
  • Fixing the King-Air wipers – it looks like our exporter script went nuts.
  • Fixing the command key on Mac – the control key works as expected.
Fog is invasive – that’ll have to wait until 10.30.
You can read the announcement on the X-Plane Developer website - click here

Now, some screenshots for those of you not familiar with X-Plane:


Visit the X-Plane website for more information regarding the platform - click here


Anonymous said...

What good is 64-Bit when the program, user and control interfaces still leave a lot to be desired, not to mention the mediocre quality add-on offerings.

Anonymous said...

Yeah agree. I bought XP10 and while the physics were nice it looks like fs98. If they want people to move over them they'll have to give us orbx quality scenery for free. The user interface is rubbish.

Anonymous said...

I don´t look like FS98... I have Xplane since 2 weeks, put some texture upgrade and its way better than FSX...

Anonymous said...

This is my Xplane :




Honestly, does it look like FS98 ?

Martin said...

Actually looks damn nice, especially that last shot over the night city. Yet, the lack of addons by the major players, as well as the funny interface is still turning me away.

Disclaimer: I did try to live with the v9 several times, but was running back to my FSX after a while...

Hans Olav said...

And this is my X-plane:


I use both sims every weak, i see good and less good qualitys in both platforms to day, but if the availability of quality addonds for X-plane would keep improving significantly(as it actualy/hopfully seem to do), i doubt i'd see any point in using FSX any more.

The number of available scenerys for X-plane is way lower than for FSX to day, that is correct, but there is no way OrbX or any other developer could possibly make the quality that the BEST X-plane scenerys have. The FSX-platform just dosent offer the possibiltys that X-plane do(eg cpu and gpu usage, texture size/quality, dynamic light and shadows etc etc)

Only time will show what clever scenerymakers are able to "tweak out" of the X-plane 10 platform.

Anyway...the main advantige with X-plane compared to FSX the way i see it, is that X-plane simulate the flight physics much better......way better, and that is what its all about, isnt it?

The menues and user interface is not as intuitive as you would expect in 2013, i agree on that.
And this could wery well be the biggest obstacle for new users, especially those who have used the MS-sims for decades.

ALX WNT said...

just wait until they fix UI and give us 64 bit support, i bet ORBX will release some addons on XP, like REX did

Anonymous said...

Poor flight models, low quality addons. 64 bit is so wasted on Xplane.

P3D have to plug their finger out & do something useful. They have done nothing so far.

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