Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Torture never looked so good...

FSX/P3D. Which is very true of the effect Majestic has on the community while we wait, and wait.... and wait... for the Q-400's release. Each new shot is pure torture and for what it's worth, torture never look so good. So as always, with each new preview we get from Majestic, we continue to extend the torture to our readers so you can all feel just a little bit worse today as you still can't have it yet. And if I have to feel this tortured, then so do you lot as well... but we do love you all... honest... really...

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Mark Hrycenko said...

Well, looks fantastic! Wonder what they've decided in regards to release details - release with or without outstanding bugs? Either way, I'm confident Majestic will ensure the customer is happy.

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