Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wings Creation Fukushima (RJSF) on final stretch!

FSX/P3D. Wings Creation has posted the remaining shots of Fukushima (RJSF).

I am personally really excited for this airport. These guys have done an amazing job so far. The terrain around the airport has great seasonal textures and it looks like the different colors of the seasons blend in really nicely!

The airport contains 3D grass, high resolution taxiway and runway textures and alot of airport vehicles. The terminal is very well modeled and the whole airport itself really does replicate the real world counterpart. I cannot express how awesome this is starting to look! There hasn't been a great deal of scenery's for Japan and I cant wait to see what these guys have next!

Take a look at their facbook page for more screenshots. They have posted 30+ as of this morning to show you the details behind this awesome project.

Check them out here:!/WingCreation

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