Sunday, March 3, 2013

Black Box A330 Update!

FSX/P3D. Black Box Simulations has posted another great screenshot of the A330.
Flight model looks almost complete and with virtual cockpit almost ready, I wouldn't be surprised to see this bird in our hangars sometime soon. Be sure to keep an eye out for this aircraft as it's one of the first high quality A330's for FSX. (Systems and all).

You can check out their facebook page here for more information:!/BlackBoxSimulation

As Always,

Happy Flying!


Anonymous said...

I think the problem with BB is they show their previews too prematurely.

Anonymous said...

There A320 VC is bad just think how bad this one will be. You have only 2 guys working on this and now they are going to try to make 2 planes at the sametime ?

Anonymous said...

Another bunch of people about to be suckered into buying another unfinished product.

You'd think that after years of Captainsim's antics people would wise up. The community should be telling BBS to finish the A320 they've sold first before fawning over screenshots of an A330.

When will we learn.

Anonymous said...

Then you'll get people asking for screenshots (example: PMDG) lol

Anonymous said...

Aerosoft will have the A330 out later this year. Its why BBS are going to try and suck people in now and blow there money and wait for it to be fixed.

Anonymous said...

I think FS Labs have said they'll almost certainly be doing an A330.

Anonymous said...

I hope FSL does end up doing some Airbus heavies.

FSL said...

We will :)

Anonymous said...

Lots of Haters LOL

why not try the damn thing before you criticise

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