Saturday, March 16, 2013

VirtualCol Dornier 328 released!

FSX/P3D. VirtualCol has secretly been working on the Do328 prop and jet models and has just released them both today! The quality is not exactly PMDG but for the whopping price of $12 bucks each or $18.00 for the pair, why not. Besides, it's not very likely any other developers are working on the aircraft (cummon MilViz do it!) and Eaglesoft who announced the project a couple years ago have become dormant... Get yours today!

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Anonymous said...

It would be awesome if the could add a United Express livery to the turboprop.

matt said...

It's interesting aircraft, with even more interesting history.

As far as i remember, stretched version for 70pax was planned but Lufthansa and CSA cancelled their orders which resulted in bankruptcy of Dornier.

Anonymous said...

and the 328 jet, they (United) had them too:

Anonymous said...

That VC blows big time.yuck

Sonny Alblas said...

Maybe not the best 328, but at least I can now fly the hospital flights with Welcome Air. :-)

Anonymous said...

I´m unlike this model, due EICAS of turboprop version is a ctrl C+V from Learjet... not real for 18 US$!

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