Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vegas in FS9 never looked better!

FS9. The Italian designer Andrea Bertolucci is doing an amazing job on his City Center project. In fact, the work is going so well and fast paced, he decided to go ahead and model not only the entire strip, but a few station hotels south of LAS . Finally, after years, Las Vegas is getting proper respect in FS9 and in my opinion, the buildings have a higher level of detail than their Aerosoft FSX counterpart. The project will be payware, and I am just fine with that! Let's just hope FSDT makes the LAS upgrade for FS9 as well.

Note from Andrea:

"Hey all!!
There are some news about the development of "City Center", first of all it is obvious that the name of the scenery and this thread is no more exact... I've started with City Center, but, as you have seen the development is continued with some other parts of the city, so the scenery name will change to "Las Vegas 2013".

Secondly, last week I have started to redesign the hotels already included with FS2004 default scenery, why? because level of detail of default scenery is too poor if compared with mine...
This will sure take more time do develop the city, scenery will be limited only to the strip, and a couple of hotels located south of the airport.
Last news is about the release modality, probably the scenery will be payware, the effort put into develop all the buildings is too high to be only for fun.

Hope this will not have to much impact on your excitement ."

More info here: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=424668&page=2

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