Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Remember Take on Helicopters? Ultra flop.

[NEWS BRIEF] So yeah, ToH was a platform that had major potential. I even bought it myself only to kill it from my HD a week later. No internal VC functionality. It was a crap game. But wait! What's this? In a press release earlier today, Area51 announced they are developing their own helicopter game. Could this be the kind of simulation helicopter game we have been wanting? After all, Area51 is known for some very high quality whirlybirds. We will follow it's development. Here is the first in-game image:

More info here:

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Anonymous said...

If lockheed Martin can't design more than FSX sp3 with their supposed P3D [which is identical to FSX minus the start pages the terrain.cfg and some shaders]! and which all they had to do is implement a x64 platform. And lets not forget they should have a wallet full of money like microsoft to do it ,than the odds of Area51 coming up with a platform is slim to none. But this does get people chatting ROFL... Wake me up from the dream PLEASE...

Anonymous said...

you could say..take on helicopters...never took off...ok well while i'm all for bad puns i have to say i rather liked it for what it was..yes short but still the flight modelling was rather up there...will certainly be tough for area51 to catch up to that and deliver something better

Anonymous said...

IMO from a commercial perspective, ToH should've been more arcade-ish, like Simcopter to appeal to a wider audience on Steam. Either that or focus on B2B sales e.g. commerical & military flight training.

I wouldn't say it's impossible to create a flightsim from scratch though. Just have a look at Ikarus and Aerofly FS.

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