Thursday, March 7, 2013

LatinVFR Announces Miami (KMIA) V.1.2!!!

FS9/FSX/P3D. That's right, LatinVFR has officially announced Miami (KMIA) version 1.2! This is a comprehensive upgrade covering all scenery elements and textures. In fact, many buildings will be completely redone. The release will utilize many new techniques, some from their excellent San Diego release, some completely new. Read more for full details.

The release as posted by Ricardo over at the LatinVFR forums:
Hi all,

We are currently busy in working on KMIA v1.2, which I stated a few weeks back that we are planning releasing early March.

Well, we apologize because we can't. And all for the good reasons.

We have I believe fixed the major problems with performance (FSX), but that needs testing from many beta testers and we need confirmation that in all kinds of systems the scenery works smoothly and without any hiccups. We would release right now the update but, without assurances that performance issues on most systems is cured is like we wouldn't release the update at all. We want to make sure that with the most popular payware aircraft this scenery is smooth, which is difficult because its a mega airport.

Most importantly the update is a very comprehensive one since:

We are doing upgrades on all scenery elements and textures, going building by building, texture by texture and in the vast majority of the cases re-doing or editing work, the north terminal will be entirely re-done from scratch as well other main buildings. We are making sure we have KMIA to be a top notch scenery, such as KSAN which by the way the community has been enjoying so far, thankfully.

So the new techniques acquired in KSAN will be applied in KMIA, and also we are looking into adding new techniques to KMIA. So yes it should be a top notch mega airport, for that reason when its released the price will increase slightly to reflect quality and time spent on upgrading and making KMIA much better than the initial release. For all customers the new updated version will be FREE.

Release date? Well, right now we wish to have it soon, in order to start on the next project which we will announce upon completion of v1.2, but we want to dedicate more time to have a superb top notch product in this revision. Again we apologize because we meant to have this soon, but its all for the good, we promise.

To visit the above mentioned LatinVFR forum thread - click here


Anonymous said...

This is good news thanks for sharing Mark. KMIA is one of my preferred airports to fly in and out of.

Anonymous said...

Me too but I have been avoiding KMIA due to the poor performance of the current version. Would love to take my 744F back in there real soon.

Mark Hrycenko said...

Performance is one of the major areas addressed in version 1.2.

Anonymous said...

Quality needs to be addressed VERY much too.

Anonymous said...

This is great to hear, performance has been the sole reason I'm avoiding LVFR MIA.

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