Thursday, March 7, 2013

29Palms Skiathos X Specifications Released

FSX/P3D. 29Palms has released specifications for their upcoming Skiathos X scenery! These specifications include 5m mesh resolution, satellite imagery for the entire island with custom autogen/landmarks, animated people, and much more. Take a look inside for all the specifications and expected release date...

The specifications as posted on the developers Facebook page:
Some specs about Skiathos X:

*Mesh resolution 5m
*100km² covered with custom autogen, landmarks and satellite imagery (in fact the whole island)
*Satellite imagery @ 0.3m/px (Mykonos had 0.5m/px)
*Entire city and highly detailed approach p...
ath included
*Car traffic through the final approach
*Animated people - spotters, tourists, airport personnel
*Option to switch between 2048px² and 1024px² airport textures
*Release is planned for Q2 2013


You can read the announcement on their Facebook page - click here


Anonymous said...

If it is even halfway as good as Mykonos, it has to be on the list of any charter simmer... summer 2013 is going to be hard to decide where to go!


Anonymous said...

A must buy - can't wait!

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