Monday, March 18, 2013

ASK 21 : another glimpse

FSX. Joachim Schweigler has just posted a new glimpse of its ASK21 glider. Remember when you will watch it, that this is stil a work in progress (WIP).
Anyway, glad to see that some developers are still posting previews on Aerosoft forum. We are in mid-March and very few* new projects have been launched for FS9/X/P3D. It's so easier to use previous photos materials and make some conversion products to X-Plane. Short term cash. Hmm good (*). But i will always prefer the guys who have long term projects and are investing in human resources.
Good luck and good night. (*) I had scruples...

Since the beginning of the year, the German editor has launched... 5 new projects :

- La Palma Canaria, FSX/P3D.
- ASK 21 glider, FSX/P3D.
- London Heathrow, FS9/FSX/P3D.
- Skiathos (29Palms project), FSX/P3D.
- and Adelaide, FSX/P3D.

Source Aerosoft forum
Aerosoft current FSX/P3D projects :

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