Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review in the works! (OpusFSX)

FSX. If any of you are like me, you will be determined to find the proper weather program which not only gives you fantastic results but also assists with en route forecasts
, destination weather and real time updates. I am currently in the works of putting together a review for those of you who wish to get more out of your weather in FSX.

I can tell you one thing is for sure, Opus has done an incredible job with this and I cant wait to see what they will add next. The preview screen shot (above) shows you what I like to all "proper overcast". I will be testing with multiple other weather enhancement products that are compatible with OpusFSX

Stay tuned for an in depth look at the wonders OpusFSX can create!

Check out OpusFSX here: http://www.opussoftware.co.uk/opusfsi.htm

As always,

Happy Flying!


Anonymous said...

I've been Opus(ed)Fsx for the past month and As2012 has not seen the light of day since. Cloud/weather/ overcast depictions are so surreal and accurate. Fog is phenomenal..can't wait to see what you have to say here... Insane

Anonymous said...

I used Open Clouds for a few months until i came across Opus... Have never seen/used such a good weather engine for fsx like this :D

Chris said...

Thank you for doing a review. Im flying the NGX only - so could you please say something about enroute/descent winds? Can i "file" a flightplan and can i then see what winds i have to expect at the diffenert waypoints (several altitudes per waypoint) to be able to insert them in the flight plan/descent page of the fmc? and how close do they match the actual winds inflight?

Anonymous said...


it is also phenomenal how they includ the direct control of the CPFLIGHT modules for the MCP and EFIS. Just start the OPUS server before start FSX and your are fine. It will also recognize if you atre in a cold and dark cockpit and after connecting the ground supply your moudles get alive !!.

Just incredible....!!!

MKB Kaedi said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes and no. The NGX is very stable, and Stephen (Opus creator) himself uses it for testing purposes, so you get little or no surprises with it.
For your first question, the answer is no..not yet, at least. I know he's working on a sort of flight wx planner, but it's not included yet.
On the other hand, you can see the wind above you with the internal window in FSX, which shows you wind speed direction and temperature (those you can insert in the FMC before departure, and before descent). How close do they match? 100% usually :) It then depends on how well your system can cope with the crappy FSX wx engine. There are lots of options. Go download the demo and take a look at the official forum. You won't be disappointed ;)


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